Cast of Shadows: Wrecking Crew Evolved

Rescue or vengeance...
Tic-Tac goes to dinner...

Hobbs went into Redmond to retrieve the files and cred stick Tusk had left behind. Inside the file was pictures of 4 targets with brief BIOS on each. Only one had more info. One Yueng Qwan. A human labelled as a lieutenant of the Purple Drakes Triad. There were stake out notes detailing a location and the comings and goings of Mr Qwan. It also included a blueprint for the interior layout of the location. A Quetzies restaurant near the Renton border of Bellevue. Hobbs decided to also take the suit of milspec armor Tusk had left behind for some unknown reason. He wasn’t going to let the landlord take it.
After calling Vex to figure out a game plan, he was informed Vex was actually working with a team that might be willing to help save Patches, for a price of course. Hobbs had already decided he wasn’t in this for the money and quickly offered up his share to get the help in what he was sure was going to be an instant fire fight.
The team wasted no time and headed to the restaurant that afternoon to try to get their hands on the Triad scum in question. Despite going in three separate vehicles the target managed to spot them all when he arrived. Jack and Loupe (inside sword, his Ares dualist drone) entered the restaurant. After a brief, curt conversation with Mr Qwan, Jack was told in no uncertain terms that he was not the man he was expecting to speak with. Tusk’s old teammates Vex and Hobbs entered in his stead. To the surprise of most the Triad man was more interested in taking control of his organization than he was in Patches. He offered the team a bigger payout to take out the current head as a job, that he claimed Tusk had already accepted (100k nuyen). After a failed attempt to garner more money Vex took the job without consulting the team and was handed a data packet with details on the wear abouts of the other three men in Tusk’s file.
Hobbs, not satisfied with this new turn of events made an effort to assure Mr Qwan that were this a trap, or were he to learn Qwan had a hand in the death of his estranged friend Tusk, he would return to remove Mr Qwan and all of his henchmen from the face of the planet, personally.
Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, Tic-Tac had snuck in through the back door of the kitchen, procured a heavy iron skillet, and was waiting to ambush the kitchen staff if Hobbs gave the word. He didn’t know what the word was but he was fairly sure it would be followed by gunfire. To his chagrin the kitchen staff seemed to be heavily armed. As everyone left Tic-Tac made sure the staff knew he had been there.
The team immediately moved on the other location with a quick drive by to make sure the info was legit. Once darkness fell the run began. Tic-Tac and Hobbs made their ways to the roof, quickly and quietly dispatched two guards on the roof. The rest of the team entered the grounds for the warehouse and the fireworks began…

impound lot blues
The Misadventures of Duke and Loupe...

Loupe contacted Duke to assist him with appropriating a couple cars to use for the upcoming job. Duke and Loupe weren’t exactly friendly but at least Loupe was professional and his motivations were pretty simple to determine. Money. So long as Loupe was getting paid for the job, Duke could trust him. It didn’t make his whole mute routine any less irritating. As they drove through Renton looking for random nondescript targets, Duke fumbled with his lock pick set. It had been years since he had tried to use the damned things and he wasn’t real sure he remembered all that he used to know. once they found the first car they planned to take, Loupe suggested a quick smash and grab through a series of emojis and words written with numbers. Duke stepped in to stop him showed him the picks and went to work. He was already irritated but hoped the use of old skills would help bring him down a bit.

Duke went to work on the lock. His whole body was buzzing from some unseen rage and each misstep with the picks made it worse. Sadly he was all too familiar with this feeling. He needed to lash out at something or someone. Since Jack had specifically asked him not to attack his team mates, Duke dropped the picks and used the butt of his revolver to bust out the window like Loupe had originally suggested. The defeat in that moment pissed him off but the shattering window had eased the building tension inside him. A small price to pay. He’d make it a point to practice his lock picking at a later time. he scooped up his dropped tools and lit a cigarette while Loupe worked his rigger voodoo on the electronics of the car. When he was done Duke hopped in and drove it back to Loupes fancy new home for whatever the next stage of prep was going to be. About a half hour later Loupe showed up with a second ford p.o.s. and duke decided to take off till job time.

Everyone met up at the hotel before the job to go over the plan one last time. V and the shiny new elf doctor were going to stay put to act as a warning and give us some support if needed. Prince, Vex and Jack were to head inside and get the actual job done, while Loupe and Duke were going to hook up a police car to the wreck deck. It had potential to get real interesting, real quick.

Once they had the cop car hooked up it didn’t take Duke long to get bored. he lit a cigarette and scanned the yard. There had to be something here worth his time. It seemed like all the good stuff was inside. Then he saw it. A high end pick up truck with brand new mud tires, chromed out side rails, and an eight inch lift kit. He was in love. He was about to head over for a closer look when Jacks voice came over the comms to call for everyone to roll out. Duke hopped back on the bike and headed back to Loupes for debriefing. He saw a piece of heaven in that lot and it would be his, even if he had to go buy one and pay Loupe to upgrade it…

Legwork at the impound

The team spends the next few days doing legwork, formulating, scrapping, and rehashing plans, to finally pin the hat on Jack and demand he lead them to glory. Along the way of course a call comes in to Vex about an old teammate.

(the last session was all planning, and research, but not a lot of action for a post. See Jacks plan and the Story behind Vex’s unsettling comm call in three other posts of the adventure log)

so close, and yet...
Should have seen that coming...

The warehouse was exactly as it had been described, far too clean for the neighborhood it was in. It was the lack of tags and trash that made it stand out more than anything else. No tricks were going to get him inside this time, it was going to be by stealth or by force. He had to question his own sanity at this point, he spotted at least ten men patrolling the grounds, all armed with SMGs they had barely tried to conceal. In prime condition it would have been a bad idea to try force on this one. He thought back to the last warehouse he had infiltrated. He and Hobbs had snuck up on the back of the building with the help of a couple invisibility spells from the doc. Simpler times, simpler bad guys. This was so close to being over. If he pulled this off he might be able to face them all again. He might be able to live with himself again. He heard rumors on the street about what had happened to Vex when he left. That was his biggest regret in all of it, Vex had gotten hurt because he wasn’t there to stop it. He shook it off, those were the thoughts that would cost him his life, save it for later. He watched the patrols from the shadows looking for an opening. As soon as he saw it he made his move.

Getting across the yard had been easy, a crate here, a vehicle there, an open door and he was in. He doubted he would have such an easy time getting out. A thought for later. He had been told the inside of the building would be filled with crates of drugs, the newest shipment there to replace what he had burned. He’d burn these too on his way out. He spotted a large truck on the far side of the warehouse, that would be his exit strategy. Damned thing made his old roadmaster look like a sports car, but he was pretty sure it would roll through whatever got in his way. He stopped just before walking out in front of two guards walking the interior. They were doing more yapping than watching. He tightened his grip on the obsidian blade Vex had brought him back from Ireland, judged the distance, lined up the two unsuspecting thugs, and lunged. The first was dead before the blade was finished piercing into the second. The second however was still fighting when the human shishkabob was complete. The orc let out a meek scream to alert whoever else was probably here. He dropped the blade and reached to snap his neck before he could make a second. As he pulled his hands away from the lifeless guard something came off in his hand. A subvocal mic. Shit. He quickly pulled the blade from the bodies and looked for an exit deeper into the warehouse and toward his marks. Maybe the damn thing wasn’t on. Maybe. If his luck held out. Just maybe.

As he made his way across the floor, more speed than stealth at this point, he noticed there was no rush of people coming from the outside. No strike team of thugs from the side rooms. Maybe his luck had held just a little longer. He was approaching the offices where he was told his prey would be. The time for stealth was over, only brute force could carry him the rest of the way. He decided to kick in the door and go in swinging. The door swung wide with minimal effort. The room was dark, very little light came in around his massive frame. Low light picked up movement but not much else. There was a low cackle from the corner of the room.

“Welcome Tusk. You have caused me a lot of trouble as of late.” There was at least two people in this room. “Just so you know, once we’re done with you, that little shit you’ve been protecting is next.”

Tusk burst forward with all the speed he could muster. The voice was going to die first, the body guard would have to wait his turn. Patches would be free. There was a lound thunk as the fist struck his temple sending him reeling to the ground. He dropped his sword. He had made a mistake. Not two people, three, and the third was much faster than him. As he stood up the larger shadow was already on top of him.

The world went black…

Ok Chummers, here's the plan

Let me start off by saying that our job is destruction of evidence, and anything else is wiz. The job comes first, looting is second. If it looks like its gonna be close, we torch and go. Time is at a premium and we can’t get any more of it. We do this like clockwork and we will be fine.

Materials we need:
Neuro Stun
2 spare (stolen) cars
1 Bike for Duke
4 duffel bags (3 are looting sacks, 1 is for gear)
Incendiary devices (thermite bars, molotovs, fuel canisters etc) all loaded into a duffel bag
Maps of most direct route from Evidence locker/impound lot to nearest station.
Area Jammer
Plans of the building
Masks (for the love of Dunklezahn we are wearing masks)

We are breaking up into two basic teams for this. Off-site and On-site. The Off-Site team will be in charge of Lookout and Interference. On-Site team will be in charge of Infiltration, Looting, Security Awareness and Scrubbing, and Evidence Destruction. Since timing is everything on this job, I will be keeping a running timer and transmitting it to all of you making sure we are all in sync.

Off-site Team:
Dr. Burke (We need to get you a street name ASAP. Be thinking on what you would like to be called.)

Your duties as stated above are Lookout and Interference. You will have one of the stolen cars to use as your get away. Keep an eye out for inbound Police and attempt to delay them while letting us know what’s happening.

Hopefully if all goes well, you won’t have to do a thing. But if not, they will be coming in loud and fast. You two have full permission to do everything and anything you feel is necessary. Summon spirits, put up barriers, mind control them, make them orgasm til they wreck, I don’t care. Just impede them and let us know what is going on. That means no going limp if you can help it once the heat is on. We need to be able to communicate and you need to get your asses out of there if things get too hot.

Ideally you all will post up about 5 blocks out at Midnight, between the evidence locker/impound lot and the nearest station. Enough time and distance to catch them early. One of you do astral patrols of the area while the other keeps an eye on the mundane. Or hell, have a spirit do it. I don’t know how you all work. The On-Site team is going to need every single second you can buy them.

On-Site Team:
This is everyone else. We will be showing up in two vehicles. The Wreck Deck and the other boosted car. This is for split up purposes and for emergency door creation. Loupe, Prince, in the Wreck Deck, Vex and I in the stolen car, Duke rides his bike.

We start at 1 A.M. after closing time and hopefully when the facility is on a skeleton shift. We park around the block so we can come in quickly as soon as I give the go.

Loupe, I need you to fly the Neuro Stun, Area Jammer and Pirouette to their roof ventilation system. Bypass the vent and release the gas in the ventilation intake. The tank will take 20 seconds to empty on full release. As soon as the valve is released, turn on the Area Jammer (with passthrough set up for us) and our mission timer begins. Cops will respond in 3-5 minutes if the call is made. We have 3 minutes to get in and out. The gas takes 1 minute to become harmless to us. That means we literally have 1 minute and 40 seconds to do what we need to do.

The Area Jammer is a safety net for us. I know they have an on site land line that this won’t affect, but this will block any “emergency” calls on their comms as they are passing out from the gas. Sure the astute person will notice that their comm has lost connection, but how many of them are going to think “Hey we should sound an alarm immediately” rather than “This is really weird. Did I really lose connection or is this a bug?” within the 10 seconds it takes for them to pass out? It’s also a safety net in case the worst happens and we get heat on site. They will have a hard time calling out and reporting in.

While the gas is dispersing, Pirouette will make its way thought the ventilation system and be open the front door for us just as soon as the gas becomes inert. If Loupe for any reason you think Pirouette can’t do it, or in a timely fashion let us know immediately so we can ram our stolen car through the wall and make our own door. I would rather not go in so loud but we wont have much choice at that point.

This is where we will be splitting up. Loupe and Duke will work on securing Loupe’s payout on this job, A Police Cruiser. Hitch it up to the Wreck Deck faster than fast and be ready for immediate extraction, or firefight if the worst happens.

Vex, Prince and I will go inside. Vex, your primary objective is to get into the mainframe and find out if any calls went out. This is critical to our time table. If a call went out, we can adjust our time table as needed but likely we will already be fine. If no call went out we can all breathe a little bit easier but we stick to our schedule. Once you ascertain that and let us know you job is to bring down all video feeds and surveillance here then scrub the last day of footage. Then join Prince and I on the looting and destruction.

Prince and I will go in with a couple of duffel bags and the incendiaries. Prince you need to look for a deck. I can’t guarantee that one will be here, but if it is, we need it and it’s all yours. We also need to keep an eye out for the bit of evidence we need to destroy, we cant forget about that. Fortunately we know exactly where it should be. We loot after we find our target. Keep communication open. While we search, we are making sure to toss around the fuel for this soon to be inferno. Making sure to place one directly on the intended target.

Prince and I will be looting everything we can and particularly anything that may look valuable into the bags. Guns, Drugs, Tech, Money, who knows what all is here, but we are taking what all we can. As soon as Vex finishes his responsibility he join in on this. Don’t be afraid to make a mess, we are ransacking, and the pile of junk will be perfect kindling for setting ablaze.

The 10 second mark is our time to exit. We start the fire and exit to the vehicles with whatever we managed to pick loot. This doesn’t mean grab a few more things, or finish securing the cruiser. if it isn’t done by the 10 second mark, it isn’t getting done. NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes the Off-Site team. At the 10 Second mark you are leaving.

Extraction looks similar to arrival. If we didn’t have to ram the second car through the wall, we split up into our designated vehicles. Otherwise we load up into the Wreck Deck and tear out of there. Last thing we want is to have to deal with incoming heat.

If there was no interference, we get the Wreck Deck, the rest of the team, and potential new cruiser stashed away in Loupe’s garage as fast as possible. If we have heat, shake them as fast as possible using whatever means. The way I have us split up, gives each vehicle a good way of escaping whether it be guns, magic, or decking.

This brings me to another point, we need to start looking for a good hideout for post run laying low. We cant keep using Loupe’s residence. We need a distant yet burnable place. We wont have one in time for this run but everyone needs to think on good places that we can investigate and invest in.

Here is the break down of the time table:
Midnight – Velasarious and Dr. Burke take up look out spots
1:00:00 AM – On-Site Team is in position and ready to go.
1:10:00 AM – Loupe deploys gas, jammer, and Pirouette
1:10:20 AM – On-Site team is in the lot and waiting for the door to open in 40 seconds (from Piroutte on the inside)
1:11:00 AM – Door opens or we make one
1:11:00-1:12:50 AM – Loupe and Duke get Cruiser. Vex Handles security, Prince Jack and Vex Loot and identify the target
1:12:51 AM – Start fires, and haul ass. All Parties Evacuate.

If at any point Cops show up on site, we start the fires and leave. Our survival and the successful job are top priority.

Any questions?

Was that a FUCKING awakened polecat?

When the team arrived for yet another non paying favor job (that shit was getting old quick), Duke decided to walk around back and keep an eye out for anything funny. He posted up with a fresh pack of smokes, a brand new lighter, and his assault rifle loaded out with APDS rounds. Sure the team had agreed to use that pussy ass stick and shock bullshit, and he’d even loaded it in his six shooters, but if shit really hit the fan he was making sure the team got out alive. he was starting to get bored not to mention low on smokes when something grabbed his attention. Motion out of his peripheral. whatever it was was it darted under the stairs. he wasn’t sure how it didn’t manage to set of his motion sense sooner, the damned thing was nearly the size of a dwarf.

He approached the stairs with his gun at the ready. he scanned under the steps and immediately felt like a damned fool. Nothing was there, not so much as a fucking devil rat. At least that explained why his motion sense wasn’t triggered. He was just jumpy because of this shitty job. Who in the name of Daniel Boone thought it was a good idea to ask a trigger happy gunslinger to try to keep the damned peace with a bunch of street gangs and mafi-fuckin-osos in the first place. he needed to shoot something to relieve some stress now. Duke stood up and stepped back from the little cubby under the stairs and went to look for something to shoot.

Not three steps away from where he stood and out of nowhere there is a fucking giant… Cat? Dog? Fucking wombat? Whatever the hell it was it wanted a piece and Duke was ready to give it. Damned thing was almost as quick as Duke, almost. After taking a few shots at the thing and missing (assault rifles are not the best thing in tight quarters) the damned ugly critter spit at him. It fucking spit ON him. The stench of it damn near turned his stomach. After he got his footing back under him he managed to land a solid shot in between the things ribs (he assumed it had ribs) and it seemed to be injured. it took some distance and spit on him again. He was suddenly glad he didn’t wear his new fancy duds. Duke fired another volley and thought to himself he may need a hand, then he thought “fucking shit, god damned integral suppressor no one can hear me out here shooting.” after another glancing shot the damned thing spoke. (not out loud because that would be crazy, but in his head) All it said was “the hunt continues” whatever the fuck that means. Then it disappeared like the stupid fucking cheshire cat down that rabbit hole with the little blonde girl his mom used to tell him about.

Duke picked his pride up out of the dirt, dusted it off, said fuck it, and headed inside. Prince about ran over the whole party to get away from the smell that was now Duke. Questions were asked. Unintelligible answers were obscenity ridden and yelled in response as he made his way to the bathroom to wash up. He needed a drink, a shower, and something to shoot at that he fucking understood. he couldn’t wait for this “job” to be over. First no paycheck, now a fucking awakened fucking cheshire polecat. fuck this job.

Fat freddy wrap up
Jack! Foiled again!

As jack and Vex stood back to back in the eye of the storm breaking around them. Gangers and Made men shouting at, and over each other, a parking lot of similar ilk starting to mirror the cresting anger on the stairs. The shoving starts and Jack’s voice starts earning his share. Group by group, through the chaotic din, he begins to talk folks down. Z-Block is the first to holster weapons, with the Bertelli’s falling in line after a less than pleasing comm to comm negotiation. Jack then managed to wrest control of the rest of the gathered criminals, while finally seeing the Green Rivermens leader for the shit stirrer he was. And as soon as it was all settled down, it exploded.

A fire spirit (none other than an astral Velasarious in disguise) suddenly appeared by his side, and the storm exploded. Gangers, and Jack, were leaping for cover, guns were pulled, Bertelli’s men opened up on the spirit, as did Angel, Duke’s new buddy. Vex managed to do the same thing Jack did, but with bullets rather than words, and in no time flat the gathered masses on both sides were under the impression that Vex controlled a fire spirit,and the fear was real. He called an end to all negotiations, and after but a brief scuffle with the leader of Z-Block, who previously seemed to be most on the side of the runners, he chased all the gathered parties away.

Having ended the meeting, and secured the immediate safety of the team, they then separated, with Jack and Velasarious heading to the hospital to see Fat Freddy. He was stable, but still unconscious. Everyone went home. Thus ended the 29th.

September 1st saw Loupe officially moving into his new high class house in Tacoma, with his new upgraded Drone manservant and a swimming pool. Jack spoke to the Bertelli folks and arranged a private meeting for that coming Friday at a restaurant in Puyallup.

On the 2nd Vex met with his lawyer, Alex Michaels about a potential job offer. He took the deal to the team, and then agreed to meet Alex at the Powerline Sex club in Bellevue that evening to discuss details. They were offered 50,000 nuyen, and before Jack could even start negotiating Vex said yes. Looks were exchanged. After the official meetup happened another party was brought in and both Jack and Vex recognized the asian man as an unnamed member of the Yakuza. They were told that if this newfound relationship was successful then this mysterious crime boss could become a valuable contact for the team.

The job, by the way, was to: A)hit the Bellevue impound facility for KE and destroy a piece of physical, and electronic evidence; and B) track down the prosecuting attorney and destroy his copies of the data as well.

one last ride

The room was dark except for the little red light indicating the recording had started. he sat there thinking about all the things he had done over the course of the last year. this would be the 23rd time he’d recorded a similar message. He hoped no one would ever have to see it. Just four more. Four more and it would all be over. Four more and He’d be safe. This penance could end. It had started slow, low level dealers, beating information out of them till his knuckles bled. then one to the back of the head for good measure. Hobbs would be ok with that part, one less piece of shit out there dirtying the streets. He grinned to himself slightly at that thought. it took six weeks before he’d gotten his first solid lead, another two for him to figure out how to go at it alone. the next month was spent wrecking their distribution operations. More scum fell each day. There was always more, always. He managed to capture the right people based on their actions, it’s easy to spot the guy in charge when you know what to look for. More beatings. More answers. More blood. More bodies. He targeted their gambling operations after that. The security was rough. He hired some local gangers to distract the places then he’d sneak in the back and grab the guy in charge. This went on for months. each job got him closer to the top, to earning His freedom. He grinned again let out a low chuckle. Once he found out where they were bringing in the people they were trafficking he went in hard. He knew he was getting close. He must have freed over 100 would be slaves in that month alone. Then he found someone with real information. Top level information. That one had gotten extra bloody. Thinking back it turned his stomach a little, He supposed even Vex would have shrugged that one off as a bit too much, but it got the job done. He finally had the information he needed to redeem himself and set Him free. He suddenly realized the video was already recording… how long had he sat here replaying the carnage in his head? he looked up into the camera, tried to smile but failed. He could feel the exhaustion of it all weighing him down. He began… “My Brothers. If you’re getting this message, i’m probably dead…”

Family First
....Grandma loves you baby.

After a week in hiding Jack finally returned home only to confirm a few days later that his ID was officially burned and it was time to start over in a new squat. On that same timeline Vex started to get visits from his friendly local KE detectives, but thanks to the consummate doorman Chauncy and extraterritorality that comes with living in a Horizon owned arco-plex he managed to keep them at arms length. On the advice of wiser heads he contacted Alex Michaels, the lawyer he previously encountered from Hartrimm and Hartrimm, who met him at the KE station and had him on his merry way in no time flat.

August opened with Loupe only making it to the second round of the Trash Thrash 77 before elimination, but a good time was had by all the team members who made it out to watch the robo battles.

And then Grandma called. On the 22nd Vex’s phone rang and the first love of his life, his grandmother, was on the other end. They had a cozy guilt infused chat discussing how long it had been since he called, and how hard it was to keep contact when he was always changing his comm number. After assuring him that he was still Grandma’s favorite she let him know that his cousin Echo, from the underground, needed his help and she knew the family could count on him. Ain’t family Grand?

He contacted Echo and in short order was in a meet and greet on the tourist highway in the OU. Apparently in tight with the Skracha, Echo let him know that her man, another runner, was in big time trouble and in way over his head after a job gone wrong. Vex called in the cavalry (and then promptly went off the radar) and then went to meet his new “client”. Turns out Sherman, the troll boyfriend, had been on a one job team to steal a package from a meet. Having done so, he and the rest of his crew had been hunted relentlessly for the past 48hours and were now down to just he and Priddy, a face from Vex’s past.

The device in question was a high tech briefcase, whatever valuable lay inside, all wrapped in a major tracking signal emanating from inside the box. Priddy got mouthy with their Skracha hosts and promptly got everyone thrown out of the OU forcing Vex to jam the case, and everything else for a few dozen yards in every direction. A comedy of errors ensued and the survivors met up with the rest of Vex’s team. Heading back to Good Electronics they managed to get the box open only to discover what Loupe claimed was a nanite cleanser (prototype). With nuyen signs in their eyes they proceeded to get tracked by the yet to be met hunters (the runners whose meet was originally interrupted) and a firefight ensued mostly consisting of grenades, Priddy dying, and everyone else making some kind of getaway. Fortunately Priddy had a gold docwagon contract and when the HTR team showed up a firefight ensued between them and the hunters, with DocWagon coming out on top.

With the device safely in hand, and the Loupe’s insurance guy on the job, the team started putting feelers out through Kincaid to move the goods. On the 23rd Jack had an official sit down with her at the Space Needle where he turned down her offer, and was invited to take some downtime until the heat blew over. He then realized he had the original buyer on standby and moved the goods for a cool 72k.

The very next day Velasarious showed back up from his sabbatical doing magic-y things and promptly got the team involved in a job for his old “friend”(????) Fat Freddy (CR2/4), heretofore unheard of. Turns out he was switzerland for most of Puyallup, and as such a well reputed negotiator between the movers and shakers who were constantly threatening to upset what peace there was. After getting over the shock that Velasarious actually had a contact, and being even more shocked by watching them interact, the team agreed to take the job.

They were to meet that sunday at a Unitarian church in downtown Puyallup and act as security for a sit down between 4 gangs and the local Mafioso. The Z-Block (a biker gang), the Green Rivermen, the 69th Street Killaz, and the Regency Park Bruisers were all meeting with the Bertelli family to restructure the local business framework after the recent ousting of the Yakuza. The team met up on the 25th for a scouting mission and then again on the day in question (august 29th) loaded with all the stick-n-shock ammo they cared to buy. While waiting for the players to arrive they put all their plans into motion.

Out of nowhere Duke got jumped by some cat like beast spirit, and evidently made friends for life. A little after 1 the team started to worry that there were problems as Fat Freddy was a no show. About the same time that they started to think about bailing on this whole endeavor all the other parties began to show. One by one Jack talked all the hot headed personalities down, until finally the Bertelli contingent showed. They wanted to still hold the meeting, and Jack talked the other heads into agreement. As everyone was making their way up the stairs of the church a rogue Z-Block rider came zooming into the lot with the news that Fat Freddy had been shot and was currently in the hospital unconscious. The gathered criminals immediately started blaming everyone else present and the scene ended with a storm of tempers ready to burst with our runners at the eye, looking none to happy at the turn of events.

The next day
A new day brings the same old shit....

After the job for Buru was settled the team went back to their normal life. Velasarious met up with Lady Zelda on the 29th to open up talks for a force five centering foci, and she assured him that once the bill was settled it would arrive by the 8th of July.

At the same time, but in the underground, amidst packing and readying himself for his big move Vex took breaks from tape and bubble wrap doing brain games and crossword puzzles. While working on a particularly tough one there was a knock at his door and waiting for him was a Knight errant Detective (Detective Dalton) and two uniformed officers. Taking note of the fact that he appeared to be moving they took him to the underground station where they attempted to question him at length about his whereabouts on the night of June 24th. Prior to confiscating his commlink vex got a call out to Jack giving him a heads up on a possible shit storm, who in turn got Duke moving, and made Briana Kincaid aware of the same. He stayed in his interrogation room for many hours until finally a lawyer showed up and got him released. Turns out the suit (Alex Michael’s) was sent by an old acquaintance named Joshua Hartrimm (of the firm Hartrimm and Hartrimm). Vex made a mad dash home, grabbed one or two packed bags, considered his move final and crashed at Dukes place in Redmond until the first of July when he moved into his posh new digs in DT Seattle. The housewarming was filled with pizza, liquor, and criminals. The old wrecking crew met the new blood, swapped war stories, and got to witness the awkwardness that came when the team told Prince he had been excluded from a job because he was Kincaids “Man”.

On the 3rd Briana Kincaid called, gave Vex the rub for not checking in after his detainment (even though it was her who had sent the suit). She set up a meet with he and the team that night at 5 and ended the call. That night all but Loupe (who seemed to be incommunicado) arrived on time and were presented with the job: to swap out the nav chip on the UCAS Pennsylvania II during fleet week at the Everett Naval base. The pay was solid, but the team had more reservations than not about hitting a navy vessel. Reservations be damned though, they said yes, agreeing to 15k a piece at the end.

Grabbing dinner at the Full Moon, a pizza joint in Tacoma, the team began discussing tricks and strategies for the upcoming job when it was revealed that Jack has some kind of chameleon type skin that makes him like the predator. A demonstration ensued and the team realized that the attention of some locals (and their commlinks) had been earned. Everyone except for jack did some form of vanishing act and left through different exits as Jack confronted the couple in question and convinced them that he was actually a stage magician and they had seen a demo of one of his new tricks. he called himself “The Silver Shroud” and told them to watch out for his upcoming show dates.

Over the next few days the team did various bits of research and scouting: Duke ordered a new suit from Vihaan Govender (CR 3) and arraned for two navy uniforms for he and Prince; Jack went on a public tour of the targeted ship (where he had a moment of panic when his ID got flagged as suspicious but allowable); Velasarious continued his work setting up a lodge in Vex’s panic room (hey, why not?); and Jack set up an introduction between Priest (CR 3), Duke, and Prince. Something about Prince set Priest on edge, but Jack, worried the deal would be blown if he showed any fear or suspicion himself, reiterated his vouch. A pair of rating six SIN’s that would only be good one time were ordered and extra grease was applied for a rush job. During all this the team found out there would be an evening of dancing and music held on the deck of the Pennsylvania II on the night of the 7th and with two plans in the works set that as GO time.

On the night in question Duke and Prince hole up in a motel 10 minutes out from the docks with uniforms and ID’s at the ready, and a bottle of scotch to pass the time. Vex had called in some extra muscle, by the name of Hondo, to cover outside the dock entrance and be ready for a distraction if needed. Hondo had made an appearance earlier in the day at Vex’s apartment, showing up looking far to stereotypical for a muscle bound troll street thug. The only way he even got into Vex’s high-rise was because Vex had been slowly buying the indifference of Chauncy, his doorman. Anyway, Hondo was hanging outside the docks too long unattended and his complete lack of professionalism began to show through with a slowly growing collection of empty bottles at his feet. Velasarious meanwhile was in the back of Taxicab‘s cab, also near the docks, having a snooze and paying for the luxury at the rate of 100 nuyen an hour. Last but not least were Jack and Vex, dressed to the nines with ball tickets in hand. They were waiting at the impromptu cocktail lounge set up for those waiting to board the Pennsylvania II. Earlier in the day that had divide and conquered an electronics kit and hid it among both their persons. They also had a handful of cigars that Velasarious had knocked himself unconscious ensorcering earlier in the day. At 6 on the dot our two ne’er do wells boarded the ship and started playing their roles. Jack quickly stood out as the star of the night quickly charming his way into the good graces of multiple other attendees. He won the attention of two lovely ladies who thought a man pretty elf in a sharp suit was just what the doctor ordered. Seeing an opportunity for an epic ending Jack bribed a sailor for access to the bridge and got escorted on the sly to a hell of a trois’. While he made a “home movie” on the bridge, Vex snuck through the ship and arrived at the same destination for an awkward view of the same show while he made the nav chip swich. Burning through all the luck he had left he got the job done in record time and managed to sneak back through the ship to the party, evidently no one the wiser. Vex made his leave, as did Jack with his two new lady friends, although the latter were headed to a high priced penthouse suite at a DT hotel to keep the party rolling. As he was rolling out Vex had the fortune to see Hondo in his final hour having evidently lost his damn mind and picked a fatal fight with KE and the naval MP’s. He lost but not before taking down three KE officers, 2 navy men, and a random SINless passerby. There was also an apartment fire although authorities are clueless as to how the two issues are related.

As the Trid was blasting news reports of the ork underground terrorist formerly known as Hondo Vex arrived home to find Chauncy freaking out at the headlines as he quickly put two and two together. Surprising no one, a 15k bribe from Vex calmed his nerves and earned Vex a new “friend”.

Duke and Prince, holding ill begotten ID’s and uniforms in the wake of the terror alert booked it to Redmond on the off chance that they could somehow be linked to it all and dumpster fired all the evidence.

Velasarious got a hotel room for the night.

Jack got laid; a lot.

The next day Velasarious met up again with Lady Zelda and picked up his not to long awaited new foci, in the shape of a twirling series of interlocking rings forming sphere and then hid himself away continuing to work on his next level of initiation.

Duke and prince parted ways and then Duke set off on his own mystical journey to further his connection to his mentor spirit.

Jack went home and found out that the two ladies he had met the night before both worked for none other than a NeoNet subsidiary. Monica Tavers was in HR, and Annica Cruise was in Contracts and Development. feeling spooked he decided this would be a good thing after all and allow him a foot in the door to furthering his own personal agenda. Leaving his home to go meet Vex he spotted a suspicious dark van parked across from his home. Maybe not such a good thing after all?

Vex and Jack met with Kincaid to close the job and get paid. they got busted lying about Hondo’s connection and she got peeved. She paid the nuyen over and told them to lay low for a while. Vex was irritated but left with a newfound respect for his new teammate, Jack. Jack headed to a completely new hotel to lay even lower for a few nights.


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