Cast of Shadows: Wrecking Crew Evolved

Fat freddy wrap up

Jack! Foiled again!

As jack and Vex stood back to back in the eye of the storm breaking around them. Gangers and Made men shouting at, and over each other, a parking lot of similar ilk starting to mirror the cresting anger on the stairs. The shoving starts and Jack’s voice starts earning his share. Group by group, through the chaotic din, he begins to talk folks down. Z-Block is the first to holster weapons, with the Bertelli’s falling in line after a less than pleasing comm to comm negotiation. Jack then managed to wrest control of the rest of the gathered criminals, while finally seeing the Green Rivermens leader for the shit stirrer he was. And as soon as it was all settled down, it exploded.

A fire spirit (none other than an astral Velasarious in disguise) suddenly appeared by his side, and the storm exploded. Gangers, and Jack, were leaping for cover, guns were pulled, Bertelli’s men opened up on the spirit, as did Angel, Duke’s new buddy. Vex managed to do the same thing Jack did, but with bullets rather than words, and in no time flat the gathered masses on both sides were under the impression that Vex controlled a fire spirit,and the fear was real. He called an end to all negotiations, and after but a brief scuffle with the leader of Z-Block, who previously seemed to be most on the side of the runners, he chased all the gathered parties away.

Having ended the meeting, and secured the immediate safety of the team, they then separated, with Jack and Velasarious heading to the hospital to see Fat Freddy. He was stable, but still unconscious. Everyone went home. Thus ended the 29th.

September 1st saw Loupe officially moving into his new high class house in Tacoma, with his new upgraded Drone manservant and a swimming pool. Jack spoke to the Bertelli folks and arranged a private meeting for that coming Friday at a restaurant in Puyallup.

On the 2nd Vex met with his lawyer, Alex Michaels about a potential job offer. He took the deal to the team, and then agreed to meet Alex at the Powerline Sex club in Bellevue that evening to discuss details. They were offered 50,000 nuyen, and before Jack could even start negotiating Vex said yes. Looks were exchanged. After the official meetup happened another party was brought in and both Jack and Vex recognized the asian man as an unnamed member of the Yakuza. They were told that if this newfound relationship was successful then this mysterious crime boss could become a valuable contact for the team.

The job, by the way, was to: A)hit the Bellevue impound facility for KE and destroy a piece of physical, and electronic evidence; and B) track down the prosecuting attorney and destroy his copies of the data as well.


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