Cast of Shadows: Wrecking Crew Evolved


one last ride

The room was dark except for the little red light indicating the recording had started. he sat there thinking about all the things he had done over the course of the last year. this would be the 23rd time he’d recorded a similar message. He hoped no one would ever have to see it. Just four more. Four more and it would all be over. Four more and He’d be safe. This penance could end. It had started slow, low level dealers, beating information out of them till his knuckles bled. then one to the back of the head for good measure. Hobbs would be ok with that part, one less piece of shit out there dirtying the streets. He grinned to himself slightly at that thought. it took six weeks before he’d gotten his first solid lead, another two for him to figure out how to go at it alone. the next month was spent wrecking their distribution operations. More scum fell each day. There was always more, always. He managed to capture the right people based on their actions, it’s easy to spot the guy in charge when you know what to look for. More beatings. More answers. More blood. More bodies. He targeted their gambling operations after that. The security was rough. He hired some local gangers to distract the places then he’d sneak in the back and grab the guy in charge. This went on for months. each job got him closer to the top, to earning His freedom. He grinned again let out a low chuckle. Once he found out where they were bringing in the people they were trafficking he went in hard. He knew he was getting close. He must have freed over 100 would be slaves in that month alone. Then he found someone with real information. Top level information. That one had gotten extra bloody. Thinking back it turned his stomach a little, He supposed even Vex would have shrugged that one off as a bit too much, but it got the job done. He finally had the information he needed to redeem himself and set Him free. He suddenly realized the video was already recording… how long had he sat here replaying the carnage in his head? he looked up into the camera, tried to smile but failed. He could feel the exhaustion of it all weighing him down. He began… “My Brothers. If you’re getting this message, i’m probably dead…”


I am so fucking excited by this…

skellum918 kennizuraki

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