Cast of Shadows: Wrecking Crew Evolved

Ok Chummers, here's the plan

Let me start off by saying that our job is destruction of evidence, and anything else is wiz. The job comes first, looting is second. If it looks like its gonna be close, we torch and go. Time is at a premium and we can’t get any more of it. We do this like clockwork and we will be fine.

Materials we need:
Neuro Stun
2 spare (stolen) cars
1 Bike for Duke
4 duffel bags (3 are looting sacks, 1 is for gear)
Incendiary devices (thermite bars, molotovs, fuel canisters etc) all loaded into a duffel bag
Maps of most direct route from Evidence locker/impound lot to nearest station.
Area Jammer
Plans of the building
Masks (for the love of Dunklezahn we are wearing masks)

We are breaking up into two basic teams for this. Off-site and On-site. The Off-Site team will be in charge of Lookout and Interference. On-Site team will be in charge of Infiltration, Looting, Security Awareness and Scrubbing, and Evidence Destruction. Since timing is everything on this job, I will be keeping a running timer and transmitting it to all of you making sure we are all in sync.

Off-site Team:
Dr. Burke (We need to get you a street name ASAP. Be thinking on what you would like to be called.)

Your duties as stated above are Lookout and Interference. You will have one of the stolen cars to use as your get away. Keep an eye out for inbound Police and attempt to delay them while letting us know what’s happening.

Hopefully if all goes well, you won’t have to do a thing. But if not, they will be coming in loud and fast. You two have full permission to do everything and anything you feel is necessary. Summon spirits, put up barriers, mind control them, make them orgasm til they wreck, I don’t care. Just impede them and let us know what is going on. That means no going limp if you can help it once the heat is on. We need to be able to communicate and you need to get your asses out of there if things get too hot.

Ideally you all will post up about 5 blocks out at Midnight, between the evidence locker/impound lot and the nearest station. Enough time and distance to catch them early. One of you do astral patrols of the area while the other keeps an eye on the mundane. Or hell, have a spirit do it. I don’t know how you all work. The On-Site team is going to need every single second you can buy them.

On-Site Team:
This is everyone else. We will be showing up in two vehicles. The Wreck Deck and the other boosted car. This is for split up purposes and for emergency door creation. Loupe, Prince, in the Wreck Deck, Vex and I in the stolen car, Duke rides his bike.

We start at 1 A.M. after closing time and hopefully when the facility is on a skeleton shift. We park around the block so we can come in quickly as soon as I give the go.

Loupe, I need you to fly the Neuro Stun, Area Jammer and Pirouette to their roof ventilation system. Bypass the vent and release the gas in the ventilation intake. The tank will take 20 seconds to empty on full release. As soon as the valve is released, turn on the Area Jammer (with passthrough set up for us) and our mission timer begins. Cops will respond in 3-5 minutes if the call is made. We have 3 minutes to get in and out. The gas takes 1 minute to become harmless to us. That means we literally have 1 minute and 40 seconds to do what we need to do.

The Area Jammer is a safety net for us. I know they have an on site land line that this won’t affect, but this will block any “emergency” calls on their comms as they are passing out from the gas. Sure the astute person will notice that their comm has lost connection, but how many of them are going to think “Hey we should sound an alarm immediately” rather than “This is really weird. Did I really lose connection or is this a bug?” within the 10 seconds it takes for them to pass out? It’s also a safety net in case the worst happens and we get heat on site. They will have a hard time calling out and reporting in.

While the gas is dispersing, Pirouette will make its way thought the ventilation system and be open the front door for us just as soon as the gas becomes inert. If Loupe for any reason you think Pirouette can’t do it, or in a timely fashion let us know immediately so we can ram our stolen car through the wall and make our own door. I would rather not go in so loud but we wont have much choice at that point.

This is where we will be splitting up. Loupe and Duke will work on securing Loupe’s payout on this job, A Police Cruiser. Hitch it up to the Wreck Deck faster than fast and be ready for immediate extraction, or firefight if the worst happens.

Vex, Prince and I will go inside. Vex, your primary objective is to get into the mainframe and find out if any calls went out. This is critical to our time table. If a call went out, we can adjust our time table as needed but likely we will already be fine. If no call went out we can all breathe a little bit easier but we stick to our schedule. Once you ascertain that and let us know you job is to bring down all video feeds and surveillance here then scrub the last day of footage. Then join Prince and I on the looting and destruction.

Prince and I will go in with a couple of duffel bags and the incendiaries. Prince you need to look for a deck. I can’t guarantee that one will be here, but if it is, we need it and it’s all yours. We also need to keep an eye out for the bit of evidence we need to destroy, we cant forget about that. Fortunately we know exactly where it should be. We loot after we find our target. Keep communication open. While we search, we are making sure to toss around the fuel for this soon to be inferno. Making sure to place one directly on the intended target.

Prince and I will be looting everything we can and particularly anything that may look valuable into the bags. Guns, Drugs, Tech, Money, who knows what all is here, but we are taking what all we can. As soon as Vex finishes his responsibility he join in on this. Don’t be afraid to make a mess, we are ransacking, and the pile of junk will be perfect kindling for setting ablaze.

The 10 second mark is our time to exit. We start the fire and exit to the vehicles with whatever we managed to pick loot. This doesn’t mean grab a few more things, or finish securing the cruiser. if it isn’t done by the 10 second mark, it isn’t getting done. NO EXCEPTIONS. This includes the Off-Site team. At the 10 Second mark you are leaving.

Extraction looks similar to arrival. If we didn’t have to ram the second car through the wall, we split up into our designated vehicles. Otherwise we load up into the Wreck Deck and tear out of there. Last thing we want is to have to deal with incoming heat.

If there was no interference, we get the Wreck Deck, the rest of the team, and potential new cruiser stashed away in Loupe’s garage as fast as possible. If we have heat, shake them as fast as possible using whatever means. The way I have us split up, gives each vehicle a good way of escaping whether it be guns, magic, or decking.

This brings me to another point, we need to start looking for a good hideout for post run laying low. We cant keep using Loupe’s residence. We need a distant yet burnable place. We wont have one in time for this run but everyone needs to think on good places that we can investigate and invest in.

Here is the break down of the time table:
Midnight – Velasarious and Dr. Burke take up look out spots
1:00:00 AM – On-Site Team is in position and ready to go.
1:10:00 AM – Loupe deploys gas, jammer, and Pirouette
1:10:20 AM – On-Site team is in the lot and waiting for the door to open in 40 seconds (from Piroutte on the inside)
1:11:00 AM – Door opens or we make one
1:11:00-1:12:50 AM – Loupe and Duke get Cruiser. Vex Handles security, Prince Jack and Vex Loot and identify the target
1:12:51 AM – Start fires, and haul ass. All Parties Evacuate.

If at any point Cops show up on site, we start the fires and leave. Our survival and the successful job are top priority.

Any questions?


Duke: I done told your ass Jack. i ain’t riding in that hopped up piece of Ares trash Loup calls the Wreck Deck…

Ok Chummers, here's the plan

Jack: My apologies. Lets get you a bike for this one

Ok Chummers, here's the plan
skellum918 Pheermee

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