Cast of Shadows: Wrecking Crew Evolved

Rescue or vengeance...

Tic-Tac goes to dinner...

Hobbs went into Redmond to retrieve the files and cred stick Tusk had left behind. Inside the file was pictures of 4 targets with brief BIOS on each. Only one had more info. One Yueng Qwan. A human labelled as a lieutenant of the Purple Drakes Triad. There were stake out notes detailing a location and the comings and goings of Mr Qwan. It also included a blueprint for the interior layout of the location. A Quetzies restaurant near the Renton border of Bellevue. Hobbs decided to also take the suit of milspec armor Tusk had left behind for some unknown reason. He wasn’t going to let the landlord take it.
After calling Vex to figure out a game plan, he was informed Vex was actually working with a team that might be willing to help save Patches, for a price of course. Hobbs had already decided he wasn’t in this for the money and quickly offered up his share to get the help in what he was sure was going to be an instant fire fight.
The team wasted no time and headed to the restaurant that afternoon to try to get their hands on the Triad scum in question. Despite going in three separate vehicles the target managed to spot them all when he arrived. Jack and Loupe (inside sword, his Ares dualist drone) entered the restaurant. After a brief, curt conversation with Mr Qwan, Jack was told in no uncertain terms that he was not the man he was expecting to speak with. Tusk’s old teammates Vex and Hobbs entered in his stead. To the surprise of most the Triad man was more interested in taking control of his organization than he was in Patches. He offered the team a bigger payout to take out the current head as a job, that he claimed Tusk had already accepted (100k nuyen). After a failed attempt to garner more money Vex took the job without consulting the team and was handed a data packet with details on the wear abouts of the other three men in Tusk’s file.
Hobbs, not satisfied with this new turn of events made an effort to assure Mr Qwan that were this a trap, or were he to learn Qwan had a hand in the death of his estranged friend Tusk, he would return to remove Mr Qwan and all of his henchmen from the face of the planet, personally.
Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, Tic-Tac had snuck in through the back door of the kitchen, procured a heavy iron skillet, and was waiting to ambush the kitchen staff if Hobbs gave the word. He didn’t know what the word was but he was fairly sure it would be followed by gunfire. To his chagrin the kitchen staff seemed to be heavily armed. As everyone left Tic-Tac made sure the staff knew he had been there.
The team immediately moved on the other location with a quick drive by to make sure the info was legit. Once darkness fell the run began. Tic-Tac and Hobbs made their ways to the roof, quickly and quietly dispatched two guards on the roof. The rest of the team entered the grounds for the warehouse and the fireworks began…


skellum918 kennizuraki

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