Cast of Shadows: Wrecking Crew Evolved

so close, and yet...

Should have seen that coming...

The warehouse was exactly as it had been described, far too clean for the neighborhood it was in. It was the lack of tags and trash that made it stand out more than anything else. No tricks were going to get him inside this time, it was going to be by stealth or by force. He had to question his own sanity at this point, he spotted at least ten men patrolling the grounds, all armed with SMGs they had barely tried to conceal. In prime condition it would have been a bad idea to try force on this one. He thought back to the last warehouse he had infiltrated. He and Hobbs had snuck up on the back of the building with the help of a couple invisibility spells from the doc. Simpler times, simpler bad guys. This was so close to being over. If he pulled this off he might be able to face them all again. He might be able to live with himself again. He heard rumors on the street about what had happened to Vex when he left. That was his biggest regret in all of it, Vex had gotten hurt because he wasn’t there to stop it. He shook it off, those were the thoughts that would cost him his life, save it for later. He watched the patrols from the shadows looking for an opening. As soon as he saw it he made his move.

Getting across the yard had been easy, a crate here, a vehicle there, an open door and he was in. He doubted he would have such an easy time getting out. A thought for later. He had been told the inside of the building would be filled with crates of drugs, the newest shipment there to replace what he had burned. He’d burn these too on his way out. He spotted a large truck on the far side of the warehouse, that would be his exit strategy. Damned thing made his old roadmaster look like a sports car, but he was pretty sure it would roll through whatever got in his way. He stopped just before walking out in front of two guards walking the interior. They were doing more yapping than watching. He tightened his grip on the obsidian blade Vex had brought him back from Ireland, judged the distance, lined up the two unsuspecting thugs, and lunged. The first was dead before the blade was finished piercing into the second. The second however was still fighting when the human shishkabob was complete. The orc let out a meek scream to alert whoever else was probably here. He dropped the blade and reached to snap his neck before he could make a second. As he pulled his hands away from the lifeless guard something came off in his hand. A subvocal mic. Shit. He quickly pulled the blade from the bodies and looked for an exit deeper into the warehouse and toward his marks. Maybe the damn thing wasn’t on. Maybe. If his luck held out. Just maybe.

As he made his way across the floor, more speed than stealth at this point, he noticed there was no rush of people coming from the outside. No strike team of thugs from the side rooms. Maybe his luck had held just a little longer. He was approaching the offices where he was told his prey would be. The time for stealth was over, only brute force could carry him the rest of the way. He decided to kick in the door and go in swinging. The door swung wide with minimal effort. The room was dark, very little light came in around his massive frame. Low light picked up movement but not much else. There was a low cackle from the corner of the room.

“Welcome Tusk. You have caused me a lot of trouble as of late.” There was at least two people in this room. “Just so you know, once we’re done with you, that little shit you’ve been protecting is next.”

Tusk burst forward with all the speed he could muster. The voice was going to die first, the body guard would have to wait his turn. Patches would be free. There was a lound thunk as the fist struck his temple sending him reeling to the ground. He dropped his sword. He had made a mistake. Not two people, three, and the third was much faster than him. As he stood up the larger shadow was already on top of him.

The world went black…


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