Cast of Shadows: Wrecking Crew Evolved

The next day

A new day brings the same old shit....

After the job for Buru was settled the team went back to their normal life. Velasarious met up with Lady Zelda on the 29th to open up talks for a force five centering foci, and she assured him that once the bill was settled it would arrive by the 8th of July.

At the same time, but in the underground, amidst packing and readying himself for his big move Vex took breaks from tape and bubble wrap doing brain games and crossword puzzles. While working on a particularly tough one there was a knock at his door and waiting for him was a Knight errant Detective (Detective Dalton) and two uniformed officers. Taking note of the fact that he appeared to be moving they took him to the underground station where they attempted to question him at length about his whereabouts on the night of June 24th. Prior to confiscating his commlink vex got a call out to Jack giving him a heads up on a possible shit storm, who in turn got Duke moving, and made Briana Kincaid aware of the same. He stayed in his interrogation room for many hours until finally a lawyer showed up and got him released. Turns out the suit (Alex Michael’s) was sent by an old acquaintance named Joshua Hartrimm (of the firm Hartrimm and Hartrimm). Vex made a mad dash home, grabbed one or two packed bags, considered his move final and crashed at Dukes place in Redmond until the first of July when he moved into his posh new digs in DT Seattle. The housewarming was filled with pizza, liquor, and criminals. The old wrecking crew met the new blood, swapped war stories, and got to witness the awkwardness that came when the team told Prince he had been excluded from a job because he was Kincaids “Man”.

On the 3rd Briana Kincaid called, gave Vex the rub for not checking in after his detainment (even though it was her who had sent the suit). She set up a meet with he and the team that night at 5 and ended the call. That night all but Loupe (who seemed to be incommunicado) arrived on time and were presented with the job: to swap out the nav chip on the UCAS Pennsylvania II during fleet week at the Everett Naval base. The pay was solid, but the team had more reservations than not about hitting a navy vessel. Reservations be damned though, they said yes, agreeing to 15k a piece at the end.

Grabbing dinner at the Full Moon, a pizza joint in Tacoma, the team began discussing tricks and strategies for the upcoming job when it was revealed that Jack has some kind of chameleon type skin that makes him like the predator. A demonstration ensued and the team realized that the attention of some locals (and their commlinks) had been earned. Everyone except for jack did some form of vanishing act and left through different exits as Jack confronted the couple in question and convinced them that he was actually a stage magician and they had seen a demo of one of his new tricks. he called himself “The Silver Shroud” and told them to watch out for his upcoming show dates.

Over the next few days the team did various bits of research and scouting: Duke ordered a new suit from Vihaan Govender (CR 3) and arraned for two navy uniforms for he and Prince; Jack went on a public tour of the targeted ship (where he had a moment of panic when his ID got flagged as suspicious but allowable); Velasarious continued his work setting up a lodge in Vex’s panic room (hey, why not?); and Jack set up an introduction between Priest (CR 3), Duke, and Prince. Something about Prince set Priest on edge, but Jack, worried the deal would be blown if he showed any fear or suspicion himself, reiterated his vouch. A pair of rating six SIN’s that would only be good one time were ordered and extra grease was applied for a rush job. During all this the team found out there would be an evening of dancing and music held on the deck of the Pennsylvania II on the night of the 7th and with two plans in the works set that as GO time.

On the night in question Duke and Prince hole up in a motel 10 minutes out from the docks with uniforms and ID’s at the ready, and a bottle of scotch to pass the time. Vex had called in some extra muscle, by the name of Hondo, to cover outside the dock entrance and be ready for a distraction if needed. Hondo had made an appearance earlier in the day at Vex’s apartment, showing up looking far to stereotypical for a muscle bound troll street thug. The only way he even got into Vex’s high-rise was because Vex had been slowly buying the indifference of Chauncy, his doorman. Anyway, Hondo was hanging outside the docks too long unattended and his complete lack of professionalism began to show through with a slowly growing collection of empty bottles at his feet. Velasarious meanwhile was in the back of Taxicab‘s cab, also near the docks, having a snooze and paying for the luxury at the rate of 100 nuyen an hour. Last but not least were Jack and Vex, dressed to the nines with ball tickets in hand. They were waiting at the impromptu cocktail lounge set up for those waiting to board the Pennsylvania II. Earlier in the day that had divide and conquered an electronics kit and hid it among both their persons. They also had a handful of cigars that Velasarious had knocked himself unconscious ensorcering earlier in the day. At 6 on the dot our two ne’er do wells boarded the ship and started playing their roles. Jack quickly stood out as the star of the night quickly charming his way into the good graces of multiple other attendees. He won the attention of two lovely ladies who thought a man pretty elf in a sharp suit was just what the doctor ordered. Seeing an opportunity for an epic ending Jack bribed a sailor for access to the bridge and got escorted on the sly to a hell of a trois’. While he made a “home movie” on the bridge, Vex snuck through the ship and arrived at the same destination for an awkward view of the same show while he made the nav chip swich. Burning through all the luck he had left he got the job done in record time and managed to sneak back through the ship to the party, evidently no one the wiser. Vex made his leave, as did Jack with his two new lady friends, although the latter were headed to a high priced penthouse suite at a DT hotel to keep the party rolling. As he was rolling out Vex had the fortune to see Hondo in his final hour having evidently lost his damn mind and picked a fatal fight with KE and the naval MP’s. He lost but not before taking down three KE officers, 2 navy men, and a random SINless passerby. There was also an apartment fire although authorities are clueless as to how the two issues are related.

As the Trid was blasting news reports of the ork underground terrorist formerly known as Hondo Vex arrived home to find Chauncy freaking out at the headlines as he quickly put two and two together. Surprising no one, a 15k bribe from Vex calmed his nerves and earned Vex a new “friend”.

Duke and Prince, holding ill begotten ID’s and uniforms in the wake of the terror alert booked it to Redmond on the off chance that they could somehow be linked to it all and dumpster fired all the evidence.

Velasarious got a hotel room for the night.

Jack got laid; a lot.

The next day Velasarious met up again with Lady Zelda and picked up his not to long awaited new foci, in the shape of a twirling series of interlocking rings forming sphere and then hid himself away continuing to work on his next level of initiation.

Duke and prince parted ways and then Duke set off on his own mystical journey to further his connection to his mentor spirit.

Jack went home and found out that the two ladies he had met the night before both worked for none other than a NeoNet subsidiary. Monica Tavers was in HR, and Annica Cruise was in Contracts and Development. feeling spooked he decided this would be a good thing after all and allow him a foot in the door to furthering his own personal agenda. Leaving his home to go meet Vex he spotted a suspicious dark van parked across from his home. Maybe not such a good thing after all?

Vex and Jack met with Kincaid to close the job and get paid. they got busted lying about Hondo’s connection and she got peeved. She paid the nuyen over and told them to lay low for a while. Vex was irritated but left with a newfound respect for his new teammate, Jack. Jack headed to a completely new hotel to lay even lower for a few nights.


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