Briana Kincaid

Owner of the Sirens Call in DT Seattle and a Fixer on the rise...


Professional looking human female in he early to mid thirties. Owner of The Siren’s Call, a lunch and dinner cafe in DT Seattle typically catering to business professional clientele and hipsters visiting the city proper. Also a fixer on the rise. Most commonly seen with an older male named Tommy who is also the regular face behind the bar at the “Siren”. Attractive, though of no definitive ethnicity. No obvious cyberware, though is regularly interacting with the matrix via AR when dealing with anyone she is not trying to impress.


Most of her history in the Seattle Runner scene has been tied to the final days of the team The Wrecking Crew. Word on the street is that she prefers to deal with teams only, has a more than solid rep as someone who doesn’t frag over her employees, and enough names in her comm-link to connect those in need with whatever they seek. Known to publicly be the owner of The Sirens Call, and it is a legitimate and moderately successful restaurant. After the Wrecking Crew semi retired and/or disbanded she has only facilitated small jobs while rumors talk of her next team being built. Word has it that the decker of the ’Crew, Vex, has maintained the closest business relationship with her and is working to build said team.

Briana Kincaid

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