Calico Biscuit

Black Jeans, Black shirt, Black boots, Black Glasses...Albino Human


Evidently owns only multiple copies of the exact same all black outfit. Born and albino with short curly bleached blond hair far curlier than you’d expect. Average height, but rail thin.


Cursed in look and name, he was born to a set of BTL addicted parents who thought his name was hilarious. Found music and the blues late in his teen years and made his life the pursuit of the music and culture. His bar the Muddywaters Tavern was originally in Downtown Seattle, but moved to a strip mall in Renton in early 2077. Knows all about the blues music scene, and the history there of, and keeps his ears open for news of all sorts. His acts travel the rough areas, and through the bright lights of cities all over so you never know what info he might have available.

Calico Biscuit

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