Food Truck Virtuoso and Combat Mage


Grudge is a gruff and no frills food truck owner who operates mostly near the dockside area of Tacoma, but is known to venture as he feels like to other parts of town. his truck is call Shut Up and Eat! and is known for having an eclectic but delicious street food with a varying by day menu. The word menu is used loosely as there really isn’t one to choose from. Everyday grudge goes and buys a big parcel of groceries. Ordering involves him asking “Anything you hate?” If the answer is yes, he’ll want to know what. Then he’ll make you something that you like. If your list is too long he just walks away and makes “something” and gives it to you. You might go 5 days in a row and get something completely different each time. Hell that same thing could be said if you go five times in one day. His customer service is completely non existent but the quality of the food and the surprise of the meal is what keeps people coming back. The fact that he lightning balled a group of gangers who tried to rob his customers also made his bright pink food truck a beacon of interest for folks looking to be able to say they ate tacos a la combat mage.



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