Lady Zelda

A cup of tea and a turn of the card should set you right...


The look of the urban gypsy, but with ever so much style makes Lady Zelda an eye catching self styling fixture in the Seattle magic scene.


A lover, and a self proclaimed expert, on all things ‘occult" Lady Zelda operates a shop by the same name on the south side of the DT district of Seattle. Full of all things fantastic and rare, that you just wouldn’t forgive yourself if you left without, she has goods for hermetic and shaman alike, spanning across a wide array of traditions. A completely legal shop, the right name dropped might get you the added service of poorly filed paperwork on her end. But don’t expect to leave earlier than two cups of tea and plenty of chatter, because if there’s one thing Lady Zelda likes more than magic, it’s a good chat.

Lady Zelda

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