French Human Rigger


Rumored to be a mute, although proof exists of otherwise, this eclectic character is always scrounging for parts while keeping two drones of separation between he and all others. Owner of Good Electronics in Tacoma.

*Loup’s bust-a-move drone is a monkey in a tuxedo.
*Loup’s agent is named Portho’s and is a arrogant and pretentious french butler.
*Loups truck, a former ambulance, is called The Launchpad.
*Loup is locally famous in Seattle as a robot fighter pilot named Alexander Pogue.

****From the bio obtained by Briana Kincaid:Loup was born Verille
Baird to a poor couple in southern France, where he was apparently left to fend for
himself at the age of 11. He worked his way up to Paris, digging up scrap from the Eurowars and rebuilding the electronics to work just well enough to sell them. Over the next decade he made his way around Europe as a scrapper and forager, eventually making a name
for himself as a decent pilot. Decent enough for a crew to hire him and pay to insert some decent ‘ware into his body for rigging. After a stint running with them, he dropped off the face of the earth for a year and appeared in the NAN, making his way up to Seattle. He’s been local for about four years, just enough time to rebuild his rep and let a few stories slip out about himself in the shadows. Most notable of his escapades was the shootout with Lone Star back in ’74 before the Knight Errant takeover. Six roto drones and two cruisers were shot up and destroyed before his drone was ripped apart, trying to buy time for his team to escape. They did not, but he did. He’s been running solo ever since with whatever team required his services. He apparently still isn’t happy with Lone Star but has been making sure not to get too attached to anything yet. Maybe a little money and some regular work could change that?
Despite having no formal education to speak of, many people speak of this guy like some sort of mechanical prodigy. He’s easy enough to get along with, except when he gets lost in a project or some sort of mechanical riddle he can’t seem to solve. He almost becomes obsessive, forgetting to sleep and eat out of sheer curiosity. Overall he’s a serious operator with some decent hardware. Definitely a wheelman when you need one, but primarily a drone combatant to pour on some very heavy heat. He’s got a workshop in Tacoma under a fake name, but it doesn’t seem to be open to the public as a business.


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