Simon Case

mixed decent with Hispanic overtones, average height and thin


Of average height and pretty slim build. Ethnic heritage is indeterminable, but there are definitely Hispanic leanings. Dark hair, usually a bit tousled, with similar color eyes. usually has a bit of a five o clock shadow. Plays on his good looks, but doesn’t carry himself like a super model. Often sen tooling around with a small backpack thrown over one shoulder.


A career thief and criminal, Simon was brought up in the life. While not “sponsored” by his mother (unsure where his father is) he did enter into his chosen career with her blessing and approval. He and his brother were commonly found working on the same crews until a year or so back when a job went wrong, one crew member disappeared, and his brother went to prison on a five year haul. His mentor in his craft is an older, wiser, and not necessarily slower thief of some renown, in circles where those things are known, named Marquee. he has since made his nest egg, and retired to the life of fixer. However he doesn’t work the title like most others in the shadows, instead focusing his angles on criminals like himself. He actually steers clear of mega corporate work, and has done what he can to pass that lesson on to Simon. Simon’s real trade lies in his nimble fingers. A locksmith, a sleight of hand aficionado, yes; but a pickpocket first and always. He embraces the life and all it brings with it.

Simon Case

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