Tommy "The Terror" Bryn (CR 3)

Older male whose hands tell the story of many a fight


Late fifties-ish human male still carrying the build from his heavyweight fighter days. Salt and pepper hair and a manly mustache pair well with his white dress shirt and slacks everyday wear. Shirt is often unbuttoned at the top, often with a bow tie hanging untied around his neck, and with the sleeves rolled up three turns.


It’s not hard to figure out that Tommy was a prize fighter from back in the day, and it doesn’t seem like he’s lost his strong grip and action readiness. As the restaurants most regular employee he is almost always found behind the bar. He’s off on Sunday’s, when the restaurants is only open for brunch, and mondays, when someone else fills in.

His history in the ring is remembered in photos and digitized news clippings still found behind the bar. Never seen with a weapon but the few times trouble has been known to break out he was the one who ended it.

Fantastic with the customers and always quick with a joke and a smile.

Tommy "The Terror" Bryn (CR 3)

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