Combat mage


AKA: Rootbeer

Velasarious is of medium to light build, taller than average, with a short unkempt beard with short shaggy hair, and sports thick plastic glasses. Not a particularly attractive young man, even leaning heavily on the geekier side. He generally dresses like today is his off-day, perhaps even his laundry day. Three minutes into a conversation with the man is enough to give doubts even to those who have already witnessed his magical capability. But capability he does have.


Everyone has a background. Undoubtedly this rule extends to the man who calls himself Velasarious, but he’s not sharing. His accent suggests a hint of the Midwest, but that only opens up about a million square miles of possible places that he could come from. One thing is certain, he couldn’t possibly be from the Metroplex. Though he seems to manage well enough his way around, he just misses all of those little things that help tag someone as being a local. A relative unknown in the Sprawl, those who did seem to know a thing or two only mention a few common descriptives. First, something is wrong with Velasarious. Just take the name thing. Who calls themselves something like that? He’ll offer no common name, nor will he answer to street names, seeming confused by both concepts. He is socially awkward without knowing it, yet friendly enough to deal with without easily rubbing anyone the wrong way, and often displaying a strange arrogance befitting someone twice his size.

As to work history, nobody seems to have worked with him before a month or so, though is evidence that he has been in Seattle for at least a year. Most of the stuff that can be tied to him before a month ago were a few bargains he has made with a few pub owners, a couple gangs, and a herbal supplement shop in Renton (for some reason). About a month ago, someone got it into his head that he could hire himself out to a few of the underground groups, including a few runners, and he immediately took to the concept. He has had nearly no luck so far, but this hasn’t appeared to have phased him, as far as anyone can tell. There are some rumors that he ran with a small team of three, but not much else is known, and it is unclear who (if anyone) these others are, or were.

It is also unclear which part of the city he hangs his wizarding cap. Of the handful of leads have suggested, north western Renton and both ends of Seattle seem to be possibilities. It is still unclear, and more information may be pending.

****From the bio obtained by Briana Kincaid:Not sure how he pulled this off, but on the first day of our investigation of Vellasarious, he ended up in my hotel room, demanding to know why I was asking about him. He didn’t seem very intimidating, but that didn’t keep him from reminding me that he could separate my soul from my spleen if I didn’t answer his questions. After I told him that I was helping to recruit for a new team, he became very accommodating, and offered to help me fill in the blanks. It was very disconcerting. The only thing he wouldn’t tell me was anything about his background. He only made it clear that he was very well versed in the magical arts, particularly regarding kicking six kinds of shit out of spirits (he REALLY doesn’t care much for spirits), and that his background was none of my business. Were it not for the fact that I can confirm that he is awakened through my own senses, I would have called this person way out of his league, seeming more befitting of a computer and some matrix games. After he was satisfied that I was not “after him,” he left without so much as a social queue for me to fully grasp that he was leaving (I actually thought he went outside to get something). Later, I looked into his claims, and found that he was indeed, a very experienced mage, and that his personality seems to be related to a natural social handicap or something. Those who knew him said that he was not easily intimidated, and was relentless in his craft. It was also said several times that he sees himself as the good guy, and that everyone in his world as good guys, bad guys, common people, or stupid spirits.


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