Cast of Shadows: Wrecking Crew Evolved

The Siren Calls...
...and you come running.

Not new to the life as a runner, but long overdue for a home. All of you have been solo artists or team bouncers long enough to have built solid reps as operators. That life wears on you though. Always wondering if this new batch of criminals will have your back, wondering what dark secrets and deadly baggage they bring to the table, or if they’re secretly working for the other side has gotten soul sucking. Besides the money being better in teams, there’s a ton to be said about the regularity of the same faces and skills at your back.The news has spread and you’ve heard that your name is on the short list of one Brianna Kincaid; a fixer with a solid rep and the right connections readily apparent. You heard your rep is being vetted by a fairly well known decker from last years team dujour in the emerald city: The Wrecking Crew. Word is that they split up after a major payday, and something of a shit storm down south, but that they went out with a perfect record, and having never lost a man. Rep like that was almost too hard to believe, but Vex was the proof of some part of it all. Street rep places him as a man loyal to the team, and NEVER to be fragged with.

Here’s to hoping when they make their final calls yours is the comm to ring.

A face, a wizard, and a cowboy walk into a bar....
...stop me if you've heard this one.

On Monday, June 7th, 2077 what could potentially be known as Kincaid’s C Squad (should a better name not appear) entered the Siren’s Call one by one: Vex, Velasarious, Duke, and Jack. Finding at the bar a gratis libation from Tommy “The Terror” Bryn, and perhaps a tasty bite, they waited to be tapped by Vex for the meet proper. Escorted back down the hallway past the restrooms and around the corner past a few unmarked rooms (for storage?) they came to the office door of Briana Kincaid. Vex as given admission and the team-to-be entered and found seats around the room. Inside they came face to face with the fixer who’s reputation for attractiveness and professional savvy was now proven at least partially true. Also in the room was a fashionable casual troll with a half smile and a pork-pie hat. A few of the crew recognized him from elsewhere, Vex even going so far as to know his name; Prince. Introductions were made by Briana Kincaid and she laid out her hopes for the gathering presented. Mention was made of the missing link in the team, another technical head, and rigger by trade, who was finishing up another job but would potentially be available by the time the run clock went live. Once the assembled criminals agreed to give this endeavor a go the job itself was laid out.
- pick up a fully loaded Honda ZX2700 delivery truck (imagine a u-haul) from a point of contact at the address provided in Renton.
- escort and deliver said vehicle to a set of coordinates deep inside of the Redmond Barrens, which was revealed to be in Glow City.
- exchange the goods and truck for a different goods and truck (of unknown make/model) and escort/deliver them back to a different Renton address.

The teams was let in that the materials would be hazardous, and to handle with extreme caution. The pay offered and accepted was 12,000 Nuyen per runner. After agreeing that the meeting had concluded they made their farewell, and with Prince now included walked to the street where they all mounted motorcycles (even Content Not Found: null_, who seemed un-phased to ride “bitch” behind Jack) and followed Vex to the————————, a four star hotel in the Downtown area of the district of Seattle. There, with a not so open bar not so provided by Vex, and a order of pizza’s, bread sticks, and 2-liters actually provided by Vex the “team” began to get down to business. They laid out where and when they would meet on the day of (12 Noon, at a metro rail station about three miles out from the initial POC for the delivery), who would be driving (Jack, unless this rigger finished up his other job sooner than later, with Content Not Found: null_ riding shotgun), agreed that the remaining crew would be mounted on their bikes, and loaded for bear. Numbers were exchanged, and team rules were set (Forever No to :NeoNet, Voodoo, and all every “drek eatin scalp taker ’ever could be”). Also agreeing them that none of them were wanted, except for Content Not Found: null who seemed to think that fairy tales had come to life and were hot on his tale. Vex gave a rousing-esque speech about how he may or may not be brain damaged and full of surprises due to surviving a sniper shot, that he had a criminal SIN, but that shouldn’t be an issue, and laying his success record in the streets out for all to see, and then made sure everyone knew that pizza was to be expected regularly. Some last exchanges and possible battle plans were discussed and then the team split up to go their own way until Wednesday the 9th when the job went live.

In the day that followed Vex and Jack did as thorough of a matrix search on their new team but with little to go on found only solid information on Duke (that he was from Texarkana, TX; parents had moved family here working with Ares some years ao, both parents deceased, and little legitamate history to speak of. They also discovered some adverts where he had been offering his services as ody guard to the straights visiting Touristville, Redmond). Concerning; Prince a few mentions of him as a solid but fresh operator to Seattle, although nothing on him personally; Content Not Found: null nothing at all; Jacka mention or two on the shadow boards a few months back, but nothing by name or face just generalized description.

Gangs identified: Firebirds; Acid Boys
Contacts encountered: Taxicab; Briana Kincaid; Tommy “The Terror” Bryn
***Locations encountered: [[The Siren’s Call | The Siren’s Call]]; Bradshaw East

Bright Lights...
...Glow City!

Tuesday 7/8/77 was spent mostly in downtime. Vex and Jack both spent a fair amount of time researching their potential brethren, while Duke devoted himself to gun cleaning, and everyone else just lived life as normal. Jack reached out to some contacts concerning possible job opportunities, but the leads didn’t work out this time, although are still open for the future.

Wednesday 7/9/77 found everyone except Velasarious getting ready for the job and heading to the metro rail station where they had decided to pregame the job. He was tied up in ice packs and gauze in a local street clinic from a payback ass beating he took from the Firebirds for wearing their colors uninvited. He squared it with Vex, who told him to lay low and they’d connect after the job. Everyone else rode a collection of motorcycles to the metro station and chowed down on some authentic seattle street vendor Soy-Dogs while trying to puzzle out their mysterious rigger, who was in the parking lot, could definitely see them, but wasn’t finalizing contact. Eventually he did through a Bust-A-Move Bot that was a stuffed monkey dressed in a tuxedo. The team loaded into his van, the Launchpad, had some awkward introductions to their mute cocooned rigger, and then rolled out to Shawarma & Sons for some less than authentic mediterranean food. Eating over the hood of his van, Loup the rigger was recognized by Jack as a local robot fighter of some name going by Alexander Pogue. The team eventually made the pickup of the truck in renton, and delivered (with some slight delay due to Crimson Crush “heckling”) to glow city where they met and exchanged pleasantries with the mutant Acid Boys who were the current rulers of the roost. During the handoff Loup, by way of Jack, spotted a drone and a high speed drone one sided dogfight ensued with the oppositions drone turned to scrap elsewhere in the barrens. Loups little buddy returned just in time to see Jack start the truck and drive right into Vex and Vex’s bike, which then had to be loaded in the launchpad. Duke took the reigns and with Loup riding shotgun proceeded to wreck the truck through the wall of a building, and then forced it further in until the truck died all the way.
Calls to the Brain eaters occurred and hatchet agreed to come save the day (eventually) for five, no wait, six thousand nuyen. In the downtime of smog breathing a strike team was spotted sneaking up on the team of runners and with some sharp eyes, a hella good gun slinger, and words of encouragement, the runners won the day losing a flying drone, and some functionality of a doberman in the process.
Netting 4 ares alphas (with 4 clips each of APDS), 4 Colt Government 2066’s (each with 1 clip of regular ammo), 4 rating four commlinks (which let Vex and Prince discover that this team worked for Zeta Imp Chem, a multinational corp with a lot of dirt under the rug), 2 still salvageable tac helmets with some electronics built in, and four sets of ruined bloody body armor.
Catching their breath with lung killing smog after the fight went silent the team took a drink of bottled water and settled in for their indeterminate wait.

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Familiar faces-
what goes around comes around

Eventually the Brain Eaters arrived and hooked up the truck to their rig. Before leaving though Jack made a lucky spot and ended up discovering an RCC hidden where the sniper nest was. After vex hacked it the team netted a Roadmaster, and 3 other drones. AT the border Hatchet and crew declined to cross into norm town, but happily modified (with blowtorches and industrial saws) the back of the road master to make the ugliest tow truck ever. Loup loved it.
Having made it back to Renton to drop off the truck of toxic “something” the team grabbed their cred and parted ways, and Loup went to get some sleep. Vex made sure to swing by the clinic and check on Velasarious, who appeared none the worse for wear, bruises and bandages aside. They checked in with Briana Kincaid and gave her an after action report, only to run into Prince, who appeared to be doing the same.

Grabbing a bite to eat, they too eventually parted ways and Vel made his way to Firebird territory where he met with his former purveyors of ass beating and made them a unique offer. He agreed to be their mage if they gave him “his” jacket back. With more mirth than sense they agreed and drove Velasarious to Shit Heel Territory where they left him to collect two jackets from their rivals as a test to gain entrance into the gang. Using a mix of magic and deception he quickly got the trophies, made his way back to the Firebird clubhouse, got “his” jacket back from Coach (who then beat up another fresh recruit and took his jacket). Drinking ensued and Velasarious celebrated his new status “on the list.”

The next day (June 10th, 2077) found Velasarious, with almost no hangover, grabbing a new to him set of clothes from a salvage store and heading to the Siren’s Call. Completely convinced that Tommy “The Terror” Bryn (CR 3) was a mage he managed to get the name and number for a local Talismonger. In short order he arrived at the door of Lady Zelda’s, owned by a mage of the same name. Dropping his credentials, by way of Tommy, Velasarious quickly, and unwittingly made his way into her good graces. After picking up some supplies for later workings, and a new spell Vel took his leave and grabbed the blue plate at the Muddywaters Tavern.

Vex meanwhile woke up, took his suit to Vihaan Govender (CR 3) for a repair, and then set about beginning the hunt for a new doss. With an image of perfection firmly planted in his mind he became consumed with the house hunt and spent the next few days (until the 18th) reading reviews, meeting with realtors, and in general being more adult than he ever thought possible.

Loup woke up and toyed aimlessly with his broken drones and tinkered with repairs he couldn’t afford to make yet.

Prince went wherever Prince went, and the team didn’t really hear much from him for the next week or so.

Jack bought a new motorcycle for Vex as a way of apology for wrecking the former one and then did a little networking with other team members building a foundation.

Duke drank at The Tipsy Bull and pretended he wasn;t in the Barrens and wasted time in similar fashion until the 21st when he heard from his old fixer Mitch “Moreau” Volstag (CR 4) who set him up with a job offer. Set a meet for the 22nd at the Wellhead in Tacoma at 11pm.

Grabbing everyone on the team except for Prince, who they dubbed a loyalist to Brianna, they arrived on time where Vex was surprised to see Buru, a Yakuza man he last encountered working with the Wrecking Crew. Although Duke tried hard (without trying at all) to fuck up the entire affair, and Loup freaked out Velasarious with his dancing monkey doll routine, the team ended up getting a job offer. For 87,000 nuyen, and nothing up front they agreed to hijack a boat of smuggled goods arriving on the 24th by way of the Komun’Go Seolpa Ring and deliver it to Buru instead. The team seperated and met again on the 23rd at Loup’s shop, Good Electronics in Tacoma, the next day at noon where they spent more hours than most of them wanted chasing info through contacts (specifically Lil’Bitz (CR 4) and William “Slick Willy” Gentry) and seemed to decide on a land attack at the dock where the goods were expected. They picked up on the details that the goods were being moved by a rigger of some repute, who sometimes traveled with a mage, and possibly up to 8 additional bodies.

In the midst of all of this Vex went to Shut Up and Eat! to meet up again with Grudge to confirm some of what they learned, and get denied the use of the honey badger. Also Velasarious bought all the goods that had the look of Reagents in Loups shop, at quite a bargain.

And that’s what you missed on Glee!

Friday on the docks

The team let the 24th pass in a similar fashion to the 23rd; meeting at Loops shop in Tacoma, and rehashing plans and ideas. Velasarious brought some alchemically enhanced buttons to the table and the team went to a local park to try out their hand at being invisible. Deciding it was absolutely for them the reconvened back at Good Electronics to keep talking and planning. Velasarious left for a bit and paid a visit to Lady Zelda to pick up some more reagents and inquire about a weapon foci. She had a few to offer, under the table of course, but he passed on the goods.

The morning of the 25th came and passed and time moved on to the evening of. Finishing up the repairs on a few of his damaged drones Loop packed the team into both the Launchpad, and the Wreckdeck and they headed to the docks. Arriving very early they waited in various positions, grouped in ones and twos, until the first signs of action started.

Responding to two delivery vans arriving on the scene the team tuned in and spread out a bit more attempting to cover all the angles. When some drones showed up in aerial space, and what was definitely a smugglers vessel pulled up at the end of the dock the vans backed all the way down to the end of the pier and the six occupants (one of whom Velasarious had identified as a mage) unloaded. At roughly the same time all the following happened: Velasarious made contact with the projection of a mage, got the jump on it and killed her; Loop led one of the opposing drones over to Dukes hiding spot where they collectively killed it; Vex got alerted that shit was a go and parkour-ed his way down the docks, over the vans, and onto the ship; Jack started sniping tires and heads (and almost Duke); Loops aerial drone got blown out of the sky; Duke mimicked Vex’s run but managed to use the fact that the opposing force was en masse targeting Vex with small arms fire to take out a few; Loops drone Luna came barreling into action taking out two doors and a few more goons; Jack got his head on straight and took down a few more goons as well; Vex passed out from too much blunt force trauma. When the smoke had cleared all the van goons were down (one died exceptionally poorly in an attempt to ride Luna like a mechanical bull), and Duke was standing where Vex was laying attempting to take the fight to the enclosed ship. The skirmish continued witha troll on aboard, but ended poorly for the troll, and Velasarious scared the shit out of all of the smugglers left alive. Eventually, after Vex suffered an unhappy flashback, the team made it into the ship, but not before Black Yow Escaped underwater in some dive gear with two cronies.

The team then shenanigan-ed their way into loading drugs and bodies, changing blown out tires, and getting Vex and Duke back to dry land before leaving to the tune of incoming sirens. Driving in different directions they all eventually arrived back at Loops shop. No one seemed to notice that Duke had skimmed a decent bit out of each case for his own side deals. Loop stripped the bodies quickly, threw the “haul” into a pile, and drove the bodies and the vans to abandon in the barrens. Do you want ghouls? This is how you get ghouls.

At some point in the night Patches, an old teammate of Vex got an alert on his comm that Vex was seriously hurt. Also that evening Loop called Brianna Kincaid and left her a message saying Vex was in dire medical straights.

The next morning after all the stun damage (but not vex’s 3 boxes of physical) were gone the Jack, Loop, and Vex made the exchange with an Asian gang on the edge of Touristville. After some difficulty they got their pay and headed home.

I don't fit in the small swing

I had to take a break from my centering practice. My favorite place to think when I am stepping away is on one of the swing sets in McDonald’s Park. After getting my sneakers stuck in the smaller swing set for the eighth time, I have concluded that the engineers must have made the choice to limit the design for smaller people, perhaps children or elves. My best guess is that there were budgetary concerns, judging from the state of the park as a whole. I am somewhat distressed that this issue seems to have migrated to all of the parks except for that one by the docks where the trolls live. I think it is rather odd that the one place where I can find one of those swings that I can manage to fit in is in a place where trolls frequent. Other than a few of their children, I didn’t see a single troll trying to use the swings (at all really, not just the fun ones with the holes for your legs). Luckily, I met a troll lady with a child who also liked these swings who after much pleading on my part, was willing to swing me while also swinging her daughter. I don’t know why more of these swings aren’t larger. I am tall, but jeez, I am not that tall.


A friend in need...
Vex goes to jail

June 30th 2077
Duke was sitting at the The Tipsy Bull bullshitting with Brick “Brian Flannigan” (CR 1) over shots of Tennessee whiskey when his phone rang. It was Jack on the other end, slight tinge of panic in his voice. Vex had been picked up by the boys in blue. Duke reassured Jack they’d be able to handle it. He downed his shot, and rushed out the door with a tip of his hat to Brick as he went. He sprinted the couple blocks back to his shithole apartment and went for his room. Slid the false back out of each of his dresser drawers to get at his pistols. He went with his throw away pistols just in case he had to shoot a cop. After loading all four into their concealed holsters, he slung an Ingram Smartgun over each shoulder. This may not be the response Jack was hoping for but it was the only response Duke knew. He grabbed his duster and slung it on over his guns as walked out the door.
It was about twenty minutes later as Duke approached the only entrance to the Orc Underground that he knew of that he realized he had no clue where Vex lived in the vast underground system of hovels the city had recently legitimized as “livable”. What they meant was a new source of taxation and an excuse for police brutality. The whole damned thing was deplorable. As long as he was already here, Duke decided to stay and wait just in case he could help in some way. He posted up at the stuffer shack down the street. He was human and had no business going into the Underground uninvited.
Nearly three hours passed before Vex got a hold of him to let him know he was out. Duke had nearly emptied his flask and was so bored he was about to start buying things from the vend machines to use for target practice. In Vex’s call he asked for a favor. He asked if he could store his firearms with Duke for a few days, then followed it with asking to meet for drinks. Duke was more than willing to head back to the Bull to throw back a few. He saw no need to tell Vex he had been waiting at a stuffer shack for the last several hours.
They met at Dukes apartment and as soon as he asked to check the bag Vex tried to palm what he could only assume was some piece of Ares trash out of his sight. He let it slide. The hodge podge of crap in the bag nearly made Duke vomit in his mouth. Duct tape and useless crap attached to nearly every gun in the bag. The shot gun with the led display that slowly scrolled Vex and a little angry face emoji seemed to be some sort of monument to the broken sections of Vex’s mind. It looked like H. R. Geiger got raped by Jackson Pollack while doing shots of absinthe with Dali while the NRA jerked off to a snuff film in the corner. Duke would deal with this mess later. Vex sternly mumbled something about leaving his guns alone but Duke shrugged it off and they headed to the bar.
The Tipsy Bull was the ONLY country western bar Duke had found outside of downtown proper. It was his second home. Vex took one look at the mechanical bull and lit up like a kid on Christmas. It was a long running joke at the bar that the Bull was too drunk to buck. The damned thing had never worked in the time Duke had been coming here. He couldn’t help himself when Vex asked if he could actually ride the thing. He told Vex to go ahead and enjoy the ride. The sudden swell of laughter when disappointment settled on the hobgoblins face when the bull went through its initial startup routine and then just suddenly stopped, was priceless to Duke. He’d been on the receiving end of that laughter the first time he came in himself. Vex undaunted offered to fix the broken bovine, and after a little convincing that he at the least wouldn’t break it more, the bartender agreed to let him try. After an hour of tinkering with it Vex came back to the bar defeated and conceded they would probably need to ask Loup to do it.
As they left the bar Vex asked if he could crash with Duke for a day or two which he agreed to. It had been a long day and Duke had a lot of guns to clean and restore in the morning.

The next day
A new day brings the same old shit....

After the job for Buru was settled the team went back to their normal life. Velasarious met up with Lady Zelda on the 29th to open up talks for a force five centering foci, and she assured him that once the bill was settled it would arrive by the 8th of July.

At the same time, but in the underground, amidst packing and readying himself for his big move Vex took breaks from tape and bubble wrap doing brain games and crossword puzzles. While working on a particularly tough one there was a knock at his door and waiting for him was a Knight errant Detective (Detective Dalton) and two uniformed officers. Taking note of the fact that he appeared to be moving they took him to the underground station where they attempted to question him at length about his whereabouts on the night of June 24th. Prior to confiscating his commlink vex got a call out to Jack giving him a heads up on a possible shit storm, who in turn got Duke moving, and made Briana Kincaid aware of the same. He stayed in his interrogation room for many hours until finally a lawyer showed up and got him released. Turns out the suit (Alex Michael’s) was sent by an old acquaintance named Joshua Hartrimm (of the firm Hartrimm and Hartrimm). Vex made a mad dash home, grabbed one or two packed bags, considered his move final and crashed at Dukes place in Redmond until the first of July when he moved into his posh new digs in DT Seattle. The housewarming was filled with pizza, liquor, and criminals. The old wrecking crew met the new blood, swapped war stories, and got to witness the awkwardness that came when the team told Prince he had been excluded from a job because he was Kincaids “Man”.

On the 3rd Briana Kincaid called, gave Vex the rub for not checking in after his detainment (even though it was her who had sent the suit). She set up a meet with he and the team that night at 5 and ended the call. That night all but Loupe (who seemed to be incommunicado) arrived on time and were presented with the job: to swap out the nav chip on the UCAS Pennsylvania II during fleet week at the Everett Naval base. The pay was solid, but the team had more reservations than not about hitting a navy vessel. Reservations be damned though, they said yes, agreeing to 15k a piece at the end.

Grabbing dinner at the Full Moon, a pizza joint in Tacoma, the team began discussing tricks and strategies for the upcoming job when it was revealed that Jack has some kind of chameleon type skin that makes him like the predator. A demonstration ensued and the team realized that the attention of some locals (and their commlinks) had been earned. Everyone except for jack did some form of vanishing act and left through different exits as Jack confronted the couple in question and convinced them that he was actually a stage magician and they had seen a demo of one of his new tricks. he called himself “The Silver Shroud” and told them to watch out for his upcoming show dates.

Over the next few days the team did various bits of research and scouting: Duke ordered a new suit from Vihaan Govender (CR 3) and arraned for two navy uniforms for he and Prince; Jack went on a public tour of the targeted ship (where he had a moment of panic when his ID got flagged as suspicious but allowable); Velasarious continued his work setting up a lodge in Vex’s panic room (hey, why not?); and Jack set up an introduction between Priest (CR 3), Duke, and Prince. Something about Prince set Priest on edge, but Jack, worried the deal would be blown if he showed any fear or suspicion himself, reiterated his vouch. A pair of rating six SIN’s that would only be good one time were ordered and extra grease was applied for a rush job. During all this the team found out there would be an evening of dancing and music held on the deck of the Pennsylvania II on the night of the 7th and with two plans in the works set that as GO time.

On the night in question Duke and Prince hole up in a motel 10 minutes out from the docks with uniforms and ID’s at the ready, and a bottle of scotch to pass the time. Vex had called in some extra muscle, by the name of Hondo, to cover outside the dock entrance and be ready for a distraction if needed. Hondo had made an appearance earlier in the day at Vex’s apartment, showing up looking far to stereotypical for a muscle bound troll street thug. The only way he even got into Vex’s high-rise was because Vex had been slowly buying the indifference of Chauncy, his doorman. Anyway, Hondo was hanging outside the docks too long unattended and his complete lack of professionalism began to show through with a slowly growing collection of empty bottles at his feet. Velasarious meanwhile was in the back of Taxicab‘s cab, also near the docks, having a snooze and paying for the luxury at the rate of 100 nuyen an hour. Last but not least were Jack and Vex, dressed to the nines with ball tickets in hand. They were waiting at the impromptu cocktail lounge set up for those waiting to board the Pennsylvania II. Earlier in the day that had divide and conquered an electronics kit and hid it among both their persons. They also had a handful of cigars that Velasarious had knocked himself unconscious ensorcering earlier in the day. At 6 on the dot our two ne’er do wells boarded the ship and started playing their roles. Jack quickly stood out as the star of the night quickly charming his way into the good graces of multiple other attendees. He won the attention of two lovely ladies who thought a man pretty elf in a sharp suit was just what the doctor ordered. Seeing an opportunity for an epic ending Jack bribed a sailor for access to the bridge and got escorted on the sly to a hell of a trois’. While he made a “home movie” on the bridge, Vex snuck through the ship and arrived at the same destination for an awkward view of the same show while he made the nav chip swich. Burning through all the luck he had left he got the job done in record time and managed to sneak back through the ship to the party, evidently no one the wiser. Vex made his leave, as did Jack with his two new lady friends, although the latter were headed to a high priced penthouse suite at a DT hotel to keep the party rolling. As he was rolling out Vex had the fortune to see Hondo in his final hour having evidently lost his damn mind and picked a fatal fight with KE and the naval MP’s. He lost but not before taking down three KE officers, 2 navy men, and a random SINless passerby. There was also an apartment fire although authorities are clueless as to how the two issues are related.

As the Trid was blasting news reports of the ork underground terrorist formerly known as Hondo Vex arrived home to find Chauncy freaking out at the headlines as he quickly put two and two together. Surprising no one, a 15k bribe from Vex calmed his nerves and earned Vex a new “friend”.

Duke and Prince, holding ill begotten ID’s and uniforms in the wake of the terror alert booked it to Redmond on the off chance that they could somehow be linked to it all and dumpster fired all the evidence.

Velasarious got a hotel room for the night.

Jack got laid; a lot.

The next day Velasarious met up again with Lady Zelda and picked up his not to long awaited new foci, in the shape of a twirling series of interlocking rings forming sphere and then hid himself away continuing to work on his next level of initiation.

Duke and prince parted ways and then Duke set off on his own mystical journey to further his connection to his mentor spirit.

Jack went home and found out that the two ladies he had met the night before both worked for none other than a NeoNet subsidiary. Monica Tavers was in HR, and Annica Cruise was in Contracts and Development. feeling spooked he decided this would be a good thing after all and allow him a foot in the door to furthering his own personal agenda. Leaving his home to go meet Vex he spotted a suspicious dark van parked across from his home. Maybe not such a good thing after all?

Vex and Jack met with Kincaid to close the job and get paid. they got busted lying about Hondo’s connection and she got peeved. She paid the nuyen over and told them to lay low for a while. Vex was irritated but left with a newfound respect for his new teammate, Jack. Jack headed to a completely new hotel to lay even lower for a few nights.

Family First
....Grandma loves you baby.

After a week in hiding Jack finally returned home only to confirm a few days later that his ID was officially burned and it was time to start over in a new squat. On that same timeline Vex started to get visits from his friendly local KE detectives, but thanks to the consummate doorman Chauncy and extraterritorality that comes with living in a Horizon owned arco-plex he managed to keep them at arms length. On the advice of wiser heads he contacted Alex Michaels, the lawyer he previously encountered from Hartrimm and Hartrimm, who met him at the KE station and had him on his merry way in no time flat.

August opened with Loupe only making it to the second round of the Trash Thrash 77 before elimination, but a good time was had by all the team members who made it out to watch the robo battles.

And then Grandma called. On the 22nd Vex’s phone rang and the first love of his life, his grandmother, was on the other end. They had a cozy guilt infused chat discussing how long it had been since he called, and how hard it was to keep contact when he was always changing his comm number. After assuring him that he was still Grandma’s favorite she let him know that his cousin Echo, from the underground, needed his help and she knew the family could count on him. Ain’t family Grand?

He contacted Echo and in short order was in a meet and greet on the tourist highway in the OU. Apparently in tight with the Skracha, Echo let him know that her man, another runner, was in big time trouble and in way over his head after a job gone wrong. Vex called in the cavalry (and then promptly went off the radar) and then went to meet his new “client”. Turns out Sherman, the troll boyfriend, had been on a one job team to steal a package from a meet. Having done so, he and the rest of his crew had been hunted relentlessly for the past 48hours and were now down to just he and Priddy, a face from Vex’s past.

The device in question was a high tech briefcase, whatever valuable lay inside, all wrapped in a major tracking signal emanating from inside the box. Priddy got mouthy with their Skracha hosts and promptly got everyone thrown out of the OU forcing Vex to jam the case, and everything else for a few dozen yards in every direction. A comedy of errors ensued and the survivors met up with the rest of Vex’s team. Heading back to Good Electronics they managed to get the box open only to discover what Loupe claimed was a nanite cleanser (prototype). With nuyen signs in their eyes they proceeded to get tracked by the yet to be met hunters (the runners whose meet was originally interrupted) and a firefight ensued mostly consisting of grenades, Priddy dying, and everyone else making some kind of getaway. Fortunately Priddy had a gold docwagon contract and when the HTR team showed up a firefight ensued between them and the hunters, with DocWagon coming out on top.

With the device safely in hand, and the Loupe’s insurance guy on the job, the team started putting feelers out through Kincaid to move the goods. On the 23rd Jack had an official sit down with her at the Space Needle where he turned down her offer, and was invited to take some downtime until the heat blew over. He then realized he had the original buyer on standby and moved the goods for a cool 72k.

The very next day Velasarious showed back up from his sabbatical doing magic-y things and promptly got the team involved in a job for his old “friend”(????) Fat Freddy (CR2/4), heretofore unheard of. Turns out he was switzerland for most of Puyallup, and as such a well reputed negotiator between the movers and shakers who were constantly threatening to upset what peace there was. After getting over the shock that Velasarious actually had a contact, and being even more shocked by watching them interact, the team agreed to take the job.

They were to meet that sunday at a Unitarian church in downtown Puyallup and act as security for a sit down between 4 gangs and the local Mafioso. The Z-Block (a biker gang), the Green Rivermen, the 69th Street Killaz, and the Regency Park Bruisers were all meeting with the Bertelli family to restructure the local business framework after the recent ousting of the Yakuza. The team met up on the 25th for a scouting mission and then again on the day in question (august 29th) loaded with all the stick-n-shock ammo they cared to buy. While waiting for the players to arrive they put all their plans into motion.

Out of nowhere Duke got jumped by some cat like beast spirit, and evidently made friends for life. A little after 1 the team started to worry that there were problems as Fat Freddy was a no show. About the same time that they started to think about bailing on this whole endeavor all the other parties began to show. One by one Jack talked all the hot headed personalities down, until finally the Bertelli contingent showed. They wanted to still hold the meeting, and Jack talked the other heads into agreement. As everyone was making their way up the stairs of the church a rogue Z-Block rider came zooming into the lot with the news that Fat Freddy had been shot and was currently in the hospital unconscious. The gathered criminals immediately started blaming everyone else present and the scene ended with a storm of tempers ready to burst with our runners at the eye, looking none to happy at the turn of events.

one last ride

The room was dark except for the little red light indicating the recording had started. he sat there thinking about all the things he had done over the course of the last year. this would be the 23rd time he’d recorded a similar message. He hoped no one would ever have to see it. Just four more. Four more and it would all be over. Four more and He’d be safe. This penance could end. It had started slow, low level dealers, beating information out of them till his knuckles bled. then one to the back of the head for good measure. Hobbs would be ok with that part, one less piece of shit out there dirtying the streets. He grinned to himself slightly at that thought. it took six weeks before he’d gotten his first solid lead, another two for him to figure out how to go at it alone. the next month was spent wrecking their distribution operations. More scum fell each day. There was always more, always. He managed to capture the right people based on their actions, it’s easy to spot the guy in charge when you know what to look for. More beatings. More answers. More blood. More bodies. He targeted their gambling operations after that. The security was rough. He hired some local gangers to distract the places then he’d sneak in the back and grab the guy in charge. This went on for months. each job got him closer to the top, to earning His freedom. He grinned again let out a low chuckle. Once he found out where they were bringing in the people they were trafficking he went in hard. He knew he was getting close. He must have freed over 100 would be slaves in that month alone. Then he found someone with real information. Top level information. That one had gotten extra bloody. Thinking back it turned his stomach a little, He supposed even Vex would have shrugged that one off as a bit too much, but it got the job done. He finally had the information he needed to redeem himself and set Him free. He suddenly realized the video was already recording… how long had he sat here replaying the carnage in his head? he looked up into the camera, tried to smile but failed. He could feel the exhaustion of it all weighing him down. He began… “My Brothers. If you’re getting this message, i’m probably dead…”


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