Cast of Shadows: Wrecking Crew Evolved

Family First

....Grandma loves you baby.

After a week in hiding Jack finally returned home only to confirm a few days later that his ID was officially burned and it was time to start over in a new squat. On that same timeline Vex started to get visits from his friendly local KE detectives, but thanks to the consummate doorman Chauncy and extraterritorality that comes with living in a Horizon owned arco-plex he managed to keep them at arms length. On the advice of wiser heads he contacted Alex Michaels, the lawyer he previously encountered from Hartrimm and Hartrimm, who met him at the KE station and had him on his merry way in no time flat.

August opened with Loupe only making it to the second round of the Trash Thrash 77 before elimination, but a good time was had by all the team members who made it out to watch the robo battles.

And then Grandma called. On the 22nd Vex’s phone rang and the first love of his life, his grandmother, was on the other end. They had a cozy guilt infused chat discussing how long it had been since he called, and how hard it was to keep contact when he was always changing his comm number. After assuring him that he was still Grandma’s favorite she let him know that his cousin Echo, from the underground, needed his help and she knew the family could count on him. Ain’t family Grand?

He contacted Echo and in short order was in a meet and greet on the tourist highway in the OU. Apparently in tight with the Skracha, Echo let him know that her man, another runner, was in big time trouble and in way over his head after a job gone wrong. Vex called in the cavalry (and then promptly went off the radar) and then went to meet his new “client”. Turns out Sherman, the troll boyfriend, had been on a one job team to steal a package from a meet. Having done so, he and the rest of his crew had been hunted relentlessly for the past 48hours and were now down to just he and Priddy, a face from Vex’s past.

The device in question was a high tech briefcase, whatever valuable lay inside, all wrapped in a major tracking signal emanating from inside the box. Priddy got mouthy with their Skracha hosts and promptly got everyone thrown out of the OU forcing Vex to jam the case, and everything else for a few dozen yards in every direction. A comedy of errors ensued and the survivors met up with the rest of Vex’s team. Heading back to Good Electronics they managed to get the box open only to discover what Loupe claimed was a nanite cleanser (prototype). With nuyen signs in their eyes they proceeded to get tracked by the yet to be met hunters (the runners whose meet was originally interrupted) and a firefight ensued mostly consisting of grenades, Priddy dying, and everyone else making some kind of getaway. Fortunately Priddy had a gold docwagon contract and when the HTR team showed up a firefight ensued between them and the hunters, with DocWagon coming out on top.

With the device safely in hand, and the Loupe’s insurance guy on the job, the team started putting feelers out through Kincaid to move the goods. On the 23rd Jack had an official sit down with her at the Space Needle where he turned down her offer, and was invited to take some downtime until the heat blew over. He then realized he had the original buyer on standby and moved the goods for a cool 72k.

The very next day Velasarious showed back up from his sabbatical doing magic-y things and promptly got the team involved in a job for his old “friend”(????) Fat Freddy (CR2/4), heretofore unheard of. Turns out he was switzerland for most of Puyallup, and as such a well reputed negotiator between the movers and shakers who were constantly threatening to upset what peace there was. After getting over the shock that Velasarious actually had a contact, and being even more shocked by watching them interact, the team agreed to take the job.

They were to meet that sunday at a Unitarian church in downtown Puyallup and act as security for a sit down between 4 gangs and the local Mafioso. The Z-Block (a biker gang), the Green Rivermen, the 69th Street Killaz, and the Regency Park Bruisers were all meeting with the Bertelli family to restructure the local business framework after the recent ousting of the Yakuza. The team met up on the 25th for a scouting mission and then again on the day in question (august 29th) loaded with all the stick-n-shock ammo they cared to buy. While waiting for the players to arrive they put all their plans into motion.

Out of nowhere Duke got jumped by some cat like beast spirit, and evidently made friends for life. A little after 1 the team started to worry that there were problems as Fat Freddy was a no show. About the same time that they started to think about bailing on this whole endeavor all the other parties began to show. One by one Jack talked all the hot headed personalities down, until finally the Bertelli contingent showed. They wanted to still hold the meeting, and Jack talked the other heads into agreement. As everyone was making their way up the stairs of the church a rogue Z-Block rider came zooming into the lot with the news that Fat Freddy had been shot and was currently in the hospital unconscious. The gathered criminals immediately started blaming everyone else present and the scene ended with a storm of tempers ready to burst with our runners at the eye, looking none to happy at the turn of events.


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