Cast of Shadows: Wrecking Crew Evolved

impound lot blues

The Misadventures of Duke and Loupe...

Loupe contacted Duke to assist him with appropriating a couple cars to use for the upcoming job. Duke and Loupe weren’t exactly friendly but at least Loupe was professional and his motivations were pretty simple to determine. Money. So long as Loupe was getting paid for the job, Duke could trust him. It didn’t make his whole mute routine any less irritating. As they drove through Renton looking for random nondescript targets, Duke fumbled with his lock pick set. It had been years since he had tried to use the damned things and he wasn’t real sure he remembered all that he used to know. once they found the first car they planned to take, Loupe suggested a quick smash and grab through a series of emojis and words written with numbers. Duke stepped in to stop him showed him the picks and went to work. He was already irritated but hoped the use of old skills would help bring him down a bit.

Duke went to work on the lock. His whole body was buzzing from some unseen rage and each misstep with the picks made it worse. Sadly he was all too familiar with this feeling. He needed to lash out at something or someone. Since Jack had specifically asked him not to attack his team mates, Duke dropped the picks and used the butt of his revolver to bust out the window like Loupe had originally suggested. The defeat in that moment pissed him off but the shattering window had eased the building tension inside him. A small price to pay. He’d make it a point to practice his lock picking at a later time. he scooped up his dropped tools and lit a cigarette while Loupe worked his rigger voodoo on the electronics of the car. When he was done Duke hopped in and drove it back to Loupes fancy new home for whatever the next stage of prep was going to be. About a half hour later Loupe showed up with a second ford p.o.s. and duke decided to take off till job time.

Everyone met up at the hotel before the job to go over the plan one last time. V and the shiny new elf doctor were going to stay put to act as a warning and give us some support if needed. Prince, Vex and Jack were to head inside and get the actual job done, while Loupe and Duke were going to hook up a police car to the wreck deck. It had potential to get real interesting, real quick.

Once they had the cop car hooked up it didn’t take Duke long to get bored. he lit a cigarette and scanned the yard. There had to be something here worth his time. It seemed like all the good stuff was inside. Then he saw it. A high end pick up truck with brand new mud tires, chromed out side rails, and an eight inch lift kit. He was in love. He was about to head over for a closer look when Jacks voice came over the comms to call for everyone to roll out. Duke hopped back on the bike and headed back to Loupes for debriefing. He saw a piece of heaven in that lot and it would be his, even if he had to go buy one and pay Loupe to upgrade it…


Solid writing!

impound lot blues
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